dumb and dumber

by: lauren schlicht

  • sarcastic
  • athletic
  • christian
  • witty
  • smart
  • sometimes i get jealous
  • gullible
  • dumb in a funny way
  • I have laurenisms
  • I'm a pretty likable person

influences that influence me

some of my biggest influences are god, my family, and my best friend grace. all of these people bring out the best and worst in me. now god and my family are teaching me how to be a better person and I'm still working on it. now grace brings out the best in me because every time I'm around her, I don't know, she just brings it out of me.


"You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut."

~Dr. Seuss

I really like this quote because you can take it multiple ways. He could mean you could miss an opportunity to do something great or you miss out on the right time to say something that could change whatever you want it to. this quote means a lot to me because if I don't start opening my eyes, I could be missing something that I been waiting for.

~Lauren Schlicht

Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely Lyrics

my song

this is my song because that's what my PawPaw told me. when my MeMe were on the way to the hospital to see me being born, this song came one. so my PawPaw told me it was song to keep, and it means a lot to me now because he isn't with us anymore, so now... it's his song to me.


open your eyes

to the beauty around you,

open your mind

to the wonders of life,

open you heart

to those who love you,

and always

be true to yourself.

this poem suits me because those are all things I need to work on.


Big image

big impact on me

every time I go to Mississippi, I always feel different but, in a good way. I'm with most of my family and Mississippi is a very special place to me because I can just go there and have some very memorable moments that I will always keep with me