Laura's O2 Sisters

December 2015 edition

Top November pv! Way to rock your business ladies!

Jeanine Schumacher 961.7

Delma Moreno 720.7

Janneth Mendoza 708

Cathy Cottman 662.8

Lilia Armijo 584.9

Rosemary contreras 549.6

Lorie Hernando 525

Tina Froese 503.2

I hope to see you all at the Christmas Party on December 10th. Please register asap, as room is limited.

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Remember that to qualify for these hostess at $18, you need to have pv of 250 by Dec 15th.

How to add your picture to your website

When customers shop your Origami Owl website, we want them to see your beautiful faces! If they don't know you, they will get to see who their designer is. If they met you at an event or jewelry bar, they will know they have the right website when they access yours. Today I am going to walk you through the steps to changing your Avatar (or personal photo) on your Origami Owl website. If you have never changed it..., Origami Owl will give you a standard O2 logo which is cute, but you want customers to connect with you! I'm not picking on Patty and Molly Olson, but I knew their website address and saw it was the standard version and I needed that for my example today! We will get those gorgeous ladies updated!
1. Log in to your back office, and click on ACCOUNT
2. AVATAR is the first section listed, click EDIT
3. Upload a photo that you saved on your computer. It can be a photo from Facebook. Just save it in a spot that is easy to find. The system does give you an option of uploading an Avatar, but you want to brand yourself and let customers see your smiling face!
4. You can even click on Facebook and use your profile photo!
5. Once you are happy with your photo, close out that page.
6. Smile, and know your customers will smile when they see your face!