Bryce Durica

In the morning I was Driving to the hospital, to fix my lazy on the left. When i got there they took me to a room to check my eye. They tested me on trying to look at stuff. But my eye couldn't see it right. Then it was time to take me to the surgery room.They put this laughing/sleeping gas on me, to make me go to sleep. It took like 2 seconds. I felt nausea when it was over. Next they took me back to the room.

They check my eye for a while. Finally they where done. Next they took me back to the car. I slept a lot after that. Finally I stop going to sleep. I felt like I was sleeping for ages. After I was done sleeping, I tested my eye, I read and look at stuff, It was straight.

After a while they would take me back to the doctor and test my eye to see if I was looking at stuff straight. Then he said I had no more lazy eye.After they did all that I ate a lot of food, after all that sleeping.

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