Elementary Principals' Newsletter

March 2015

Assessment Links and Updates


Transition Timeline provides a weekly series of steps to prepare for the test.

Click here to see sample test items.

Direct Link to Grade Level Classroom Activities and Performance Tasks

Online Assessment Awareness for Teachers and Students

Additional information on M-Step

Spring of 2015 Testing Schedule

Calculator Policies

NEW: Link to SBAC Performance Tasks with Examples (as shared by M. Wing)

Update from Office of Assessment & Accountability

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Don't forget your Administrator Evaluation!

Here's a link to last year's newsletter that includes the details.

Free Tools to Use for Staff Meetings, Etc

Let's Try Linoit!

Click here to post on our board. Write down three sticky notes: a word, a phrase, a sentence from the article.

Present with Powtoons!


It helps you create an animated presentation that will WOW your participants! You will look smart and clever!

Top 12 Testing Breaks

Active Brains learn and test best! GoNoodle is a free educator resource that provides a variety of short activities to help students focus, de-stress, and refresh their minds for learning. Check out this top 12 list and share with teachers.

Resources to Share

NEW! www.TeachingtheCore.org features over 60 videos of exemplary bell-to-bell lessons, materials, student work samples, and teacher interviews.

8 Essential Elements of Problem-Based Learning

Parent Engagement Toolkit

Looking at new course materials to align with CCSS? Check out the FREE Achieve the Core Materials Alignment Toolkit

Upcoming Conferences:

Across the State

The Michigan Reading Association's Pre-Conference features Dr. Robert J. Marzano: "Becoming a High-Reliability School"

The MiELA Network has announced its Summer 2015 Conference!

Professional Learning at GISD

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