Saint Ignatius Band Announcements

November 15th, 2015

Weekly Schedule


  • Jazz Band 3pm-4pm

Wednesday -

  • Jazz Band 3pm-4pm

Saint Patrick's Day Rehearsals

For future planning, here is the date for the Saint Patrick's Day rehearsal (please note, this has CHANGED from the original schedule!!!):

March 16th, 6pm-7:30pm. This includes the Flag Corps.

Soccer Pep Band

A big thank you to the 31 students and chaperones that accompanied us to Columbus on Saturday. It was a great opportunity to provide some support to our classmates as they went on to win their 7th state championship!

Practice Log Week

We start a practice log week tomorrow! Please remember this quote: "You learn your individual part in individual practice sessions. You learn everyone else's part in class" --- excellent advice as we embark on some challenging repertoire for Christmas!

More incentive to practice and learn those tricky parts OUT of class: we only have 15 more class periods to get ready for this concert!

Lorain County Patriot Band Concert

Want to see Mr. Hamlin play with a group of musicians on a pretty deep Christmas set list? Consider seeing the Lorain County Patriot Band Concert on December 12th at the Lorain County Community College Stocker Center!

Did I Forget Anything?

Please let me know if you have any questions!