JB Marks

By: Bailey Jamieson

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JB Marks was born on March 21st, 1903, and his father was a supporter of the ANC (African National Congress). Marks attended the Kilnerton Teachers' Training College in Pretoria, where he got a diploma for teaching. However, the conditions were poor, and so he joined a strike with other students, leading to his removal from the school.


JB Marks later joined the ANC and became the President of the Transvaal Branch. In 1928, he joined the CPSA (Communist Party of South Africa). JB Marks was nearly assassinated, when a fascist tried to shoot him on a platform he was speaking on. The near assassination only made his determination to end Apartheid stronger. In 1931 as well as 1952, Marks was imprisoned for his beliefs on Apartheid.

JB Marks is mainly known for his fight for the struggles of African Gold Miners.

Marks died of a heart attack August 1st, 1972.