Playbeatz Review - It works or NOT?

This review cover all info about Playbeatz you want to know.

Ever since Apple introduced the wireless air pods, it has caused havoc among users, especially Android users, for owning the same. Apple aced the game so it was tough for manufacturers to bet it. Many tried and marketed them by putting their best foot forward.

They claimed to deliver the best of sound quality, with deeper, fuller bass and how intact they stay to your ear without the wires. additional qualities were added to make the product more desirable which included “ambient aware mode” where the user can control how much of noise, he wants to let in to interrupt his music and how much to bloc out.

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For example, if the user is running or biking along with his wireless headphones, he can adjust the amount of noise to let in produced by traffic to be safe on the road or while working wants to shut in co-workers to avoid distractions, the user can use the isolation mode to enhance the clarity and crispness of the track by picking out every tiny nuance. The battery life is equally important and the look is highly influential to grab the attention of customers.

What is Playbeatz?

The wireless earbuds by PlayBeatz are great for delivering high-quality audio that makes your everyday awesome. It is not just easy to pair to the device but also gives the ability to use both the earbuds or only one at a time as desired by the user. It is also very easy to charge as one has to use any USB charger to charge it.

The presence of the protective case keeps it free from dust and debris while keeping them from getting lost, and the compact design makes it easier to store them. The range is also great at 10 meters to ensure worry-free connectivity.

The Playbeatz is an innovative creation in the fields of wireless earbuds with all the above qualities in-built in them along with many others. Though there is a tough competition in the market, these iOS and Android compatible in-ear delivers all the promises with conviction and have floored the competition. Their Bluetooth can cover a whooping distance of 10 m.

They have long-lasting battery life. It can last for 3 to 4 hours without being interrupted. The battery capacity of the charging case is 500mAh. The casing is really handy and portable along with being attractive and having variants on a large scale. It needs only 1.5 hours to get fully charged and provide the user with another 3 to 4 hours of music. It can be on standby mode for up to 180 hours.

They are very light-weight as each earplug is 4.7g. They are extremely easy on ears as compared to the wired once or the bands that are to be hung around the neck. The Bluetooth version used is 5.0 which can detect the lightest of connection around them and give a wonderful experience. They are highly compatible due to them being adaptable to iOS and Android technology.

They can be paired to laptops, tabs, PCs, and mobiles. They use V4.2± EDR for excellent sound quality to block echo and noise and unhindered superior sound quality. It also has an integrated audio processing system to attend calls without being interrupted during traveling.

It has an ergonomic headphone design that can be wearable for all types of ears for long hours and are immensely comfortable. It’s a perfect fit for the ears. When you turn them on, they get automatically connected to the device that the user frequently uses which saves a lot of time and hassle-free handling.

They are multipurpose as they help to answer, reject or ignore calls and also to skip, play, pause, forward, backward the songs from the playlist. The touch control makes it easy to control and recall various functions for just pressing the headphones. Bluetooth is highly stable.

How does it work?

It can be used by immatures or the most non-technocracy person as well. The user just needs to check whether the ear pod is charged completely. Once that is done, he just needs to initiate the instrument by pressing the power on button and the device itself connects itself to your handset with the help of Bluetooth.

Then the user is set to use the ear pods with the help of the remote that is being provided and has all the commands the user can ask from an ear pod.

He can pause, play, move the song a paragraph ahead or a paragraph backward and also attend calls at his leisure. His hands would be free to do other jobs. This helps the user to be free to multitask while enjoying his favorite singer crooning to their favorite track.

Playbeatz Benefits

There are more than the listed number of ways this device benefits the user. Not just with picking up calls or listing to their preferred tracks. But also, to multitask as we tend to want everything to be fast and quick.

This keeps us entertained in many ways and is hassle-free as compared to the wired earphones that have been in use since ages or the once we use that hang around our necks which cause our necks to hurt after wearing them for a long hour.

They are lightweight hence can be worn all day long and the battery life is long enough to be used for 3 to 4 uninterrupted hours only with 1.5 hours of charging. The Bluetooth is highly stable and works for a distance of 10 m.

Is it recommended?

These wire-less earplugs are very much reliable and actually be trusted for all the promises it makes. The manufactures have left no stone unturned to satisfy the customer’s needs to its fullest. The positive reviews can be undoubtedly concluded as the product has made a place in the user’s heart. The consumers seem more than happy with the product and whatever recommendations are to be expected by the users are being worked upon.

All the users have been happy with the feedback they have received from the manufactures. They have been explicitly for the customer. These feather-light ear pods have been a great alternative for the wired headphones which can be tedious to handle and not extremely portable when in crowded places.

Users were needing ear pods that could be less clumsy and light-weight so that they could get rid of the wired once that are hard to handle while driving or going to the gym or while trying to multitask. Also, the problem with wired headphones was that they would never be held there by the ear.

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The users were always required to leave their work at hand, or call someone to put it in place again. This problem can be easily solved by Playbeatz. They are also controllable by the remote control that is provided. They do not hurt even after long hours of wearing them. The crispness of the singer’s voice is retained by the rear pod. This gives us the best quality music that we need.

They get charged easily and can be carried anywhere as they are having long-lasting battery life. They are not pricy as other ear pods of well-known brands. They provide more than the customer has bargained for. The users that do rigorous training in the gym or practice outdoor sports do need long battery life and tough body or exterior to entertain the user for his or her long sessions. These headphones fulfill all the above-listed demands.

The sound and bass of the ear pods are great and the users feel these are incomparable to any other products they have ever tried to date. They also are very happy with the compatibility features which is, it works great with both iOS and Android technology. This gives the benefit of having different handsets but can use the same ear pods.

This saves a lot of money wastage. They don’t possess the risk of falling out even if we are doing some physically laboring work. The sound quality is so good that it gives the user the feeling of being able to hear his or her favorite singer live in front of them.

Playbeatz Price

  • 1 set of Playbeatz under the name of enhancing your audio costs- 39.99$
  • 2 sets of Playbeatz under the name of double the beats costs- 73.99$
  • 3 sets of Playbeatz under the name of triple the tunes costs- 99.99$
  • 4 sets of Playbeatz under the name of four times the fun costs- 127.99$
  • 5 sets of Playbeatz under the name of maximizing the music costs- 149.99$

The shipping costs around 8.95$. the user can pay by various means of PayPal, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. As per the current conversions, the EURO and USD are about the same.


They can be only brought by online portal but it’s worth the wait. The shipping charges are also less as compared to other online shopping portals. They are highly efficient for today’s multitasking generation.

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