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It all starts with the ELPS!!

Be sure you are incorporating the English Language Proficiency Standards in every lesson. All students benefit from the implementation of the ELPS, however, our English Learners need these standards to be successful. They should be using at least one of the four language domains --Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing-- in each lesson.

How do I incorporate the ELPS in my lessons?

I am glad you asked!

  • Texas Gateway - this site has some great courses for ELPS implementation and EL support in your content area
  • Reach out - we can get some one-on-one support for you locally or from the Region 7 service center
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Review your student's previous year TELPAS results.

Eduphoria →Aware→Students(search for your student)→Test and Scores

**if you search ESL (Program: ESL) all of your ELs will populate

  • Drill down to see how they did in each domain - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
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Each student is given a proficiency rating in each domain

1 - Beginning

2 - Intermediate

3 - Advanced

4 - Advanced High

Click here for a description of each Proficiency Level Descriptor

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Additional resources to help increase English proficiency and prepare students for TELPAS

  • Andy Adams - ESL Tech Tools Site
  • Flipgrid
  • Imagine Language and Literacy (for grades PK-4 and Newcomers)
  • Google Docs - Voice Typing (under Tools)
  • Google Sheets - Voice Type Speaker Notes (under Tools)
  • Translate in Google Sheets
  • TestNav - Practice Tests (installed on Chromebooks) - go through the practice site yourself so you can see what the student has to complete
  • High Leverages Lessons - Listen, Speak, Read, Write

  • 100% Participation

  • Students do most of the speaking

  • Insist students ALWAYS speak in complete sentences

  • Remember, always have high expectations!

Need some headsets for your students to practice with?

Check with your campus counselor.
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Remember, learning a new language is not easy! ;)

Joey trying to speak French