Saturn Super Size In Universe

Why go anywhere besides superman Saturn?

Fun Facts about Saturn

  • Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System and is a gas giant.

  • Saturn has a small rocky core covered with liquid gas.

  • Like Jupiter it has many moons which surround it.

  • Saturn is a very magnetic field which traps energy particles resulting in high levels of radiation

  • Saturn is not a peaceful planet. Storm winds race around the atmosphere at 800mp/h

  • Saturn is very light as it is made up of more hydrogen than helium so it is less dense. If we could fit Saturn into a bathtub it would float (but that would have to be one big bathtub!)

  • The rings are made up of millions of ice cryrstals, some big as houses and others as small as specks of dust.

  • Saturn is surrounded by a system of rings that stretch out into space for thousands of kilometers.

  • Other planets have rings. Saturn's rings are the only ones that can be seen from Earth.

  • Saturn spins on its axis really fast.

  • The day saturday was named after Saturn

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Bad affects about saturn!😢😢😢

It will not be able to live on becasue it has wind storms that spin at 800mp/h and it spins very fast on its axis (sure would make me dizzy.) We couldn't live on Saturn because it does not have a solid suface. Any life that can fly and breathe hydrogen might survive on Saturn's layers. But if you are going to come Saturn where a atronaut suit and have a jet pack on it so you can not touch the cloudy surface.
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What is the air on mars like?

The only air on Saturn is hydrogen which makes 75% of the air and helium makes 25% of the air. It also contains traces of other substances like water ice and methane. If we could adapt to it then we could survive but we would also learn how to fly if it is possible.
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