From Chalk Boards to Smart Boards

The Impact of Technology on Education

The use of technology in school has succeeded in greatly improving teaching and learning in class. Technology does not only benefit the students in the classrooms but the teachers as well. Would teachers fifty years ago imagine a classroom without a chalk board and chalk? Today’s classrooms may include technological advancements such as Elmo’s, Netbooks, and iPads.

Technology in Class

  • Technology has impacted all of our everyday surroundings and has changed many peoples’ lives.
  • Having technology be the equivalent to a teacher and a lesson in class, it would prevent from the loss of traditional ways of learning or having someone to teach the lessons required.
  • Although technology is improving education, it provides for the teacher and for learning without replacing them. “Technology can also assist the teacher to get a precise assessment in respect of every child at the end of each classroom period”(Creating).

Technology Succeeding in Education

  • “If education is the acquisition of knowledge, then technology has undoubtedly been a key catalyst in the evolution of modern education”
  • Technology has been a part of the shaping of education. Using technology for education also has to be clear and self-evident in serving as an example for education.
  • If technology can prove to have the same results as traditional educational methods then technology in education has been successful.

How Technology Impacts Schools and Classrooms

  • Students having technology would eliminate the need of carrying heavy text books and add the benefit of having unlimited information at their fingertips.
  • “This not only cuts costs and makes education a far more real possibility for millions of people, it also changes how learning happens” (Enabling).
  • By eliminating the amount of textbooks needed, the school would benefit from cutting costs and students would be provided with a new, efficient and easy way of learning.
Why carry big heavy books when a netbook can provide the same quality?