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March 19, 2021

Principal Message

Welcome to Spring Break!!!

Today our office team sent out to K-5 families emails with what each student is registered for as we transition to our hybrid/distance learning model. If you have any questions or did not get an email, please email me at mschachner@pps.net so that I can support you.

We will be sending out an interest survey and information to see if families are interested in Champions Child Care to be at Bridger. If we have enough interest, we will partner with Champions and they will be using part of Bridger’s cafeteria. The start date would be potentially April 12th, 7:30-5:30pm. Kindergarten students will use PPS buses to go back and forth to Bridger.

Due to the recent hate crimes, as mentioned by our Superintendent this week, hate will not be tolerated at Bridger or any PPS school. We will continue to work together - staff, families and students to proactively move forward ensuring Bridger is free of hatred, racism or violence. We hear from our students what is in their hearts and minds. We will continually work on creating a welcoming and affirming environment that is needed for staff and students’ mental health. I’m proud of all the positive actions we have taken in the past and I’m sure that we will continue this fight against hatred.

Melissa Schachner, Principal

OHA Travel Recommendations

As we all prepare for a much needed break please review and consider the statewide recommendations for travel. This is especially important as we prepare to welcome staff and students back into schools after Spring Break.

Important Dates

March 22nd-26th NO SCHOOL- Spring Break

April 1st- K/1 Hybrid Begins for Morning Cohort

April 2nd- K/1 Hybrid Begins for Afternoon Cohort

April 5th- 2nd-5th Hybrid Begins

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Bridger Arrival/Dismissal Map

Please review so you know what door your student should enter and exit through.

Holladay Annex Arrival/Dismissal Map- KINDERGARTEN

Please review so you know where to park and door to use for drop off and pick up.

Changes to Meal Service at Bridger

Take home bags of meals will be distributed at the end of each hybrid session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The times are 10:15 and 2:30. Caregivers may also request meals for students in distance learning and for siblings.

Non-enrolled community members and students staying in distance learning can also pick up meals Monday-Friday from 12pm-1pm at 15 different sites throughout Portland. More details to come on the locations of the 15 meal sites.


Bridger SUN is partnering with Friends of Baseball to offer a virtual Baseball class this Spring. The class will take place April 14-June 4, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:15pm-5:15pm via Zoom.

Please use this form to register your student(s): https://forms.gle/XrNNpgQxt6pmLTs49.


Through our partnerships with the City of Portland and the Oregon Food Bank, the Bridger SUN Community School currently has $150 Visa Gift Cards available for COVID-affected families. Families of 4 or more are eligible for 2 gift cards. If you are COVID-affected and are interested in securing a gift card for your family, please complete the following form:


Gift Cards require a signature and must be picked up at Bridger school at the times/dates listed on the form. I have 50 gift cards available for families that have not already signed up. If you signed up- your gift card is secure and will be available for you to collect on the date that you have chosen.


I have access to culturally-specific Covid-19 vaccine clinics for BIPOC community members outside of the Convention Center and OHSU vaccination sites. If you are interested in registering yourself or your family members that meet the eligibility criteria to receive the vaccine at this time, please send me names and contact information of those who would like to be vaccinated so that I can try to register them for any upcoming vaccine clinics in the area.

Spots are very limited in these vaccine clinics so I will do my best to register individuals as spots open.

To be referred for a Covid-19 vaccine clinic: please send name, age, birthdate, race/ethnicity, zip code, and contact information (phone number and email) to Melany@latnet.org.


We wish all of you a relaxing Spring Break! If your student is looking for online reading resources over break, they can access many different options - including TumbleBooks, Storytime from Space, and our online catalog by visiting the Bridger Library web page here.

You can access a Screencast explaining the process for logging into the online catalog in the Tech Support section of our Library webpage. Once there, your student can explore, check out, and read a variety of eBooks.

Happy Reading!

School Climate and PBIS

Wow! I am so impressed with the progress our students have made toward our PBIS Virtual Wildcat Goal! Our school wide goal is 10,000 wildcats, and we currently have over 6,000!

We have a really amazing school wide reward planned too for meeting our goal. I am so excited to share that with the help of the PTA we are bringing an amazing bilingual virtual performance from Milagro Teatro to Bridger. Bridger students will get a virtual viewing of the play Blast Off with a talk back session with the actors. In addition, all students will have access to the link to view the performance at a time of their choice, or as many times as they like for 1 week. Date of performance TBA.

Performance Synopsis: A young passionate girl, Valentina, has been recently inspired by the first Latina astronaut, Dr. Ellen Ochoa. Valentina is now dreaming of a big, bright future of becoming an astronaut—one that many think is impossible, especially for a young Latina. Some of Valentina’s classmates cast her off, because she’s a girl and enjoys ballet. Even people in her family won’t support her ambition to become an astronaut. Just when it seems that she’s better off giving up on her dreams, Valentina finds confidence and inspiration in her new (imaginary) best friend, Dr. Ellen Ochoa. Valentina and Ellen navigate the world of big dreams, doubt, and education together. They find out how the sciences and the arts work together and to never let fear get in the way of learning!

Click here to learn more about the show and cast.

Counselor Corner

Ms LeAnne K-4:

If your child is returning for hybrid learning in a few weeks and is experiencing some anxiety, there are some things you can do to make the transition go more smoothly. First, reassure them that school personnel are doing all they can to keep them safe! That is our number one priority. Second, there are numerous videos as well as book read-alouds on youtube that you can research to watch or read with your child to help them get a sense of the transition to school that will look quite a bit different! Here is one read by one of our own PPS school counselors!

A Unique Start from Six Feet Apart

Third, you can review your child’s schedule with them so they know what to expect from the time they arrive to the time they are dismissed. Fourth, reach out to your child’s teacher and me if they are experiencing more than average anxiety. This way we can make a plan with you to help your child feel most comfortable in the new environment!

Ms. Howard 5th -8th Grade:

This week in 5th grade, Ms. Howard began lessons on coping with stress and intense emotions. Takeaway this week: We can’t avoid strong emotions, but we can learn how to deal with them!

6th and 7th graders stay tuned for information on picking your electives for Kellogg next year! I will be reaching out to any individual 8th graders who have not yet completed a forecasting form for Franklin or Madison.

There are many changes coming soon for our 5th – 8th graders! It is normal to experience stress and important to have some strategies to cope with these changing emotions.

Some tips for talking with your student about stress:

  1. Without judgement, comment on verbal and/or non-verbal behavior that you are concerned about “I’ve noticed you have been really stressed out (or looking sad) for several days.”

  2. Invite your child to talk about their feelings: “Tell me what’s going on.”

  3. Remind them that feelings come and go, intense feelings are temporary

  4. Remind them that feeling intense emotions is not a bad thing, even if it’s a little uncomfortable

  5. Try to help your child recognize physical signs that they are stressed (stomachache, headache, clenched body, breathing fast, heart beating faster, sweating, anxious thoughts)

  6. Remind them they are safe, even if their feelings are uncomfortable

  7. Allow your child to talk and listen. Be comfortable with silence. Avoid interruptions or distractions.

  8. Communicate love and acceptance of your child’s feelings. Acknowledge that it takes courage to talk about “hard things.”

  9. Come up with a plan together (for calming down and/or addressing stressors).

(e.i. breathing, physical exercise, listening to music, journaling, using imagination or meditation app, positive distraction, addressing stressor when ready)

Counselor Website: https://sites.google.com/pps.net/bridger-k-8-counseling/home

Ms. Howard can be reached at 971-378-0470 or rhoward@pps.net

Student Leaders

Our next Elementary Student Council meeting is Friday, April 2nd 11:05-11:40am. Google Meet code: BSC. All kids from grades 3-5 are welcome.

Next Spirit Day is Animal Day on April 23. You can dress up like an animal, draw on whiskers, wear cat ears or wear a shirt with an animal on it, etc!


We hope that all of our Bridger community is making the choice that feels best for their family. Each of us have different physical, emotional, social and familial needs and we hope you feel validated that whichever feels safe for your family is what is right, whether that is in-person or distance learning!

Did you miss our meeting on March 17th? You can watch it back HERE, up to 2x speed! We hear community updates, community input, and hear an update about the South East Guiding Coalition. Our next full meeting is on April 21st.
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Hello Blazers Math Hoops families,

We are so excited for this offer for your family...

With many students still engaged in learning at home, Learn Fresh is pleased to offer another round of in-kind game distribution to families nationwide, specifically in the Blazers region. Please complete this form to request a copy of the NBA Math Hoops board game for the young learners in your family (best for grades 4-8). Games are available on a limited basis. Families with a demonstrated need for at-home learning resources will receive priority.

Thank you! We hope you are all doing well. Take care!


Rebecca Wong

National Program Coordinator

Learn Fresh Education Co

Cell: (415) 297-2266