How to remove makeup properly

My problem with makeup

Name: michelle Osborne Age: 17

Dear kas, I recently started wearing makeup but I have one problem I don't know exactly how to remove it. I wash my face with a gentle face cleanser but it doesn't get my makeup completely off I wake up with my eye makeup still on my eyes and it causes me to have bad break-outs. What should I use for that? And then after I wash my face I use lotion to make my face more moist but it clogs my pores. Do you have any tricks or home remedies for that?

removing makeup

Dear michelle, to remove makeup properly, use a gentle makeup remover for the eye makeup. Regular makeup remover can irritate the eyes. Make sure you get most of it,if not all. Next, Drape a warm towel over your face for about 2 minutes this will open your pores. Next, use a gentle face wash, be sure the face wash is gentle and don't scrub your face. If your face is dry afterwards rub a moisturizer on your face and that will close your pores. I hope this helped!


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