Road to Perseverence

By: Morgan Bond

Nadja on my Way- sequencing

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A unique way to Persevere: The story of Jerry Garcia (Description)

Jerome “Jerry” Garcia was born 1942. In the year of 1947 is when most of his adversities occurred, during the summer he lost two-thirds of his right middle finger, and in the winter he lost his dad to a fishing incident. He had to learn to play guitar, while missing a finger and without a father figure to guide him, during the time that he lived with his grandparents, he attended Monroe Elementary. His third grade teacher inspired him on a musical, and artistic level, this is the point in time where Garcia started to play the banjo. After 5 Years living with his grandparents. In around 1953 he moved back in with his mom and stepfather, the same year his brother introduced him to the musical styles, Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues. In the summer of 1986, due to unhealthy weight, bad eating habits, and recent drug use, Garcia collapsed into a diabetic coma, this is an adversity because he had to relearn playing the guitar, which was already a huge struggle playing with 9 fingers. There were many adversities in Jerry’s career, but overcame them and persevered.

Maxcy Filer an Unforgettable Journey (Problem&Solution)

Maxcy Filer was a struggling lawyer, he just could not pass the bars test. He kept trying, and trying, but he had no luck until around the 50th time he took it, but the strange part is that his

Four Guys With No Chance, Spare Parts (Cause&Effect)

Christian, Oscar, Luis, and Lorenzo we all from the country of mexico 3 out of the 4 of them being illegal, the 4 weren't really accepted into other things, so that caused them to join the "Underwater Robotics Club" at Carl Hayden High School. While working as a team they managed to build a robot that completed fascinating tasks. They decided to enter a competition, not in the high school division, but in the college division! Of course there only goal was to not finish last, but through perseverance they ended up persevering and they came in first, beat MIT, the best engineering college. This shows great perseverance because, they weren't rich and they didn't have they best parts but they still won.

Felix and Sam-Compare&Contrast

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