Math Update

Mrs. Leinart's 7th Grade Math- March 23, 2015

Current Topics

  • Analyzing Data- Dot Plots, Box & Whisker Plots, Compare Data, Parts to Whole, Parts to Parts, Mode, Median, Mean
  • Angle Relationships-Vertical pairs, Linear Pairs, Complementary/Supplementary Pairs, Angles in Triangles.

Important Dates

  • March 27 - Data & Angles Test (Review available on Study Island- 10 extra credit points)
  • March 30/31 - STAAR Writing Test
  • April 1 - Math Benchmark Test (Review handed out on 3/27)
  • April 2 - Extra Credit #1 due

Tutoring Offered

Tuesdays AM & PM

Wednesdays AM (Faculty Meeting this week PM)

Thursday AM & PM

**Homework lab is open daily AM & PM

Math Grades

  • A "1" in the grade book means the assignment is not complete. It will become a zero if not complete within the week.
  • Extra Credit is available on all daily work below an 80.
  • All tests can be corrected for 1/2 points back for extra credit.
  • Extra Credit- Data & Angles Review is available on Study Island for up to 10 extra credit points.
  • All Extra Credit #1 is due on April 2nd.

Math Resources

Click the link to find videos and notes on math topics