My Trip to Latin America

Mexico,Central America, West Indies and South America


In my time in Latin America I saw some very diverse cultures and places. This travel journal includes my journal entries while i was at each place. To the left is a picture of Latin America.

My Trip To Mexico City

This morning I landed in the Mexico City International Airport. My plans were to check into my hotel room and rest for the rest of the day but the tourist magazines in the plane had persuaded me to go to the capital building first. So instead of checking into my hotel room i caught a taxi straight to the capital building. While i was observing the ingenious architecture of the building I bumped into a man in a black suit. Both of us quickly apologized and introduced ourselves. The man introduced himself as Enrique Pena Nieto. That was when I realized I had bumped into none other then the President of Mexico. I had learned all about him in school! He was born on July,20,1966 and was a member of Institutional Revolutionary Party. Seeing how excited I was, he said "I can see you are very interested in Mexico's government and how it works, would you like me to explain it to you?" He asked sure I stammered hardly able to stand still. I had just met the President of Mexico and he was asking me if i would like know about Mexico's government! "Let's start with the legislative branch. The legislative Branch is in charge of making laws and deciding when and where these laws are necessary. The Executive Branch also helps in this process. The Legislative Branch is divided into two chambers,the chamber of deputies and the chamber of senators. Very similar to the House of Representatives and the Senate in the U.S government. To pass a law the decision must be approved by both these chambers. "Wow" I said, unable to process all the information the president had told me. "Can you tell me a little bit about the Judicial Branch.?" "Of course" he said. "The Judicial Branch is in charge of enforcing the laws and determining the consequences of breaking the laws. Because in Mexico each state has its own constitution, it is necessary that there are both state level and federal level courts. The federal court is used to resolve issues according to the country's constitution and the state courts resolve issues contradicting with the state's constitution. I'm guessing you would like to know about the executive branch too?" He said."Yes please", I said hoping that I was not annoying him too much. To start off the executive branch is my favorite of the three branches." "Why is that", I asked curiously. "Because I am the head of it, the executive branch is in charge of the administration of the government, This branch is made up of the president and ministers of government. I as president have the authority to approve and disapprove laws being passed by the legislative branch. Is that all you would like to know?" He asked . "Yes" I said and thanked the president fot taking the time to explain to me the government of Mexico. I rushed to my hotel, I could not wait to email my friends about my exciting day!

My Trip To Panama City

Last night, I landed in Panama City. This morning I woke up eager to explore. As soon as I finished eating my breakfast, I set out to see the city. I was walking through the the city when a man with many brochures in his hand walked up to me."Are you interested in a tour of the city?" He asked."Sure I said, as I had found just what I was looking for. I followed the direction the man had given me to a tour bus where most of the other tourists had arrived. I had arrived just in time. Right as I sat down, the bus started moving. A man standing at the front of the bus spoke into his megaphone."Welcome everybody, and today we will be exploring Panama City and it's economy." The bus stopped and the man told us to get of the bus."Though Panama City is an economical hotspot, its government is not manufacturing based, but service based. Walking through the city you must have notice the many banks and hotels. This is because the city recommends tourism and investing in the city. One of the main parts of Panama City's economy is the Panama Canal. The canal decreases travel time between destinations and therefore also decreases import prices. Not only does the canal provide jobs but it provides jobs for people living in the city and it also attracts tourists. If not for the canal the price of shipping cost would increase significantly. These high prices would not fit under many countries budgets which would force them to stop buying from other countries. Without money from exports many country's economies would collapse. This would occur in a domino effect in which each economy collapses one after another." Glancing at his watch, the man announced that it was time for us to get back on the bus. On the bus ride back, I thought about how millions of tourists just like me drove the economy of one of the largest cities in Latin America.

My Trip to Ecuador

A few days ago, I left Panama City (The last place I visited) and flew to Ecuador. As Ecuador had a very interesting geography and climate, I decided that was what I would focus on. After hours of research on a hotel computer I found a good tour. On the tour we would travel the country and on the last day we would go to the Galapagos Islands. When I arrived at the train station a man who seemed to be our tour guide was already giving an introduction. "Because of its location on the equator, the geography and climate of Ecuador is a very interesting topic to look into. We boarded the train, and after what felt like forever the guide announced we would arrive in five minutes. We had reached a town near Chimborazo Mountain. We got of the train and after a long talk about safety we began the hike up the mountain. Just as we began to notice the thin air which made it difficult to breath the guide explained to us about it... "At high elevation in the mountains the air is spread very thin and is also very dry. This makes it difficult to breath" He said. As we continued our trek up the Mount Chimborazo the guide told us many facts such as how the mountain was the farthest place from the center of the Earth. He explained that the mountain's geographical location caused this to be true."Well that's it for today" the tour guide said as he led us back down the mountain. I had promised my friends back in the U.S that I would email them each day but as soon as I entered my hotel room I crashed on the couch. After a good night of sleep, I woke up the next morning eager to explore more. The guide told us that we would be traveling to the coast of Ecuador. Most of the day we spent on the beach s the tour guide said that it was our free time. After some time on the beach we traveled farther inland to explore the climate of the coastal plains. "The hot,humid climate is the effect of being near the ocean. It is also very tropical here." He told us. That night we stayed in a motel near the harbor, but knowing that the next day we would be traveling to the Galapagos islands didn't allow me to sleep. In the morning our whole group met in the breakfast hall. "Though our original plan was to fly to the Galapagos islands I decided that taking a boat there would be better. That way you would get to see some marine wildlife also!" He said. As we neared the islands we saw more and more animals and through the clear water we could see coral reefs and many fish. On the island we saw so many animals such as giant turtles and even penguins! our guide explained to us that the climate was the cause of so many different animals on one island. "These animals cannot be found anywhere in the world as this is the only habitat that they are able to survive in ." The tour guide told us. While leaving the island I thought to myself... the $3000 dollars for this trip were definetly worth it.

My Trip to Sao Paulo

My last stop in Latin America would be Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Since Sao Paulo was considered the financial capital of Brazil, I decided that the economy would be an interesting topic to learn about. I landed in the airport late due to a flight delay so instead of following my first plan which was to see some of the city today I had to go straight to my hotel.

After a good night sleep, I hit the road on my rental car to find out about the city's economy. I decided that the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Floor would be a good place to start. Using a GPS I found the building. I entered the building in hopes of finding someone who knew how the economy of Sao Paulo worked.

As soon as I opened the door I understood just how hard this would be. The room was filled with people most of them shouting,there was chairs lined up at the side of the room but nobody was sitting in them. Basically the room was complete chaos. I stood at a side for sometime unable to take it all in, after a while, a man wearing a badge and was beaded in sweat came over and sat down.

"What happened?" I asked."Nothing! That's the problem!" He answered."I didn't buy any stock, I didn't sell any stock! No profits! No Money!"I came hear in hopes of finding more out about Sao Paulo's economy... would you be able to help me?" I asked."Well, I guess because I have nothing better to do so... sure. Let's get out of this noisy room first. Right now the Sao Paulo economy is undergoing a transformation from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy. Although service based industries are becoming larger, the manufacturing industry is still very big. The city leads industries in textiles,mechanical and electrical appliances,furniture and much more. They also manufacture cars. Now let's talk about finance and other services. Banks are an important part of the economy. the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange has also contributed to the growth of the economy. Many other serviced industries have spawned as an effect of the 21st century computer age."

"Wow" I said,"Unlike Panama City's economy which is focused only on the service industry, Sao Paulo has a very diverse economy." Oh my, look at the time I must leave now, It's dinner time for my family." Thank you for your time!" I replied as he hurried of before he was late for dinner."I glanced at my watch, which startled me. It was 5:00 and my flight was at 7:00! And because it was international It was in Terminal C all the way on the other side of the airport! Darn it! I though as I sprinted to my rental car.