Poetry investigation project


By: Destiny.R, Angelique.A & Emil.A


The topic that the reader learns in a piece of writing or a movie.

What is Theme?

A theme is the lesson learned by the reader, not the character, or the moral of the story.

How many kinds of themes are there?

There are a tons, of thousands of themes.


If in a novel the authors topic was war, a theme could be war takes away peoples rights, it dehumanizes people.

what does theme have to do with poetry?

There is no poetry without theme, theme is the ending to the story, the "ohh" part of the poem, the lesson you learn as the reader


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How to identify theme in poetry: Steps

1. Read the poem thoroughly the first time (make sure to re-read title after).

2. Re-read the poem and this time off to the side make some side notes about the main points.

3. Decide if the title is a hint to the main theme in the poem.

4. Look over your notes and decide what the main point is.