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Skyline Tower

We are a global company offering over 1,200 locations in over 65 countries. Our products and services allow our customers to concentrate on their core business, and use their talents to best effect.

Whether you are a large global corporation or an entrepreneur with an idea, we help you be more flexible, more cost-effective and more agile -- and better able to face the unexpected challenges of business in the 21st century. We offer products and services such as administrative support, full time office, virtual offices, mail handling, telephone answering, meeting room and day office, BusinessWorld global access, and more!

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Regus at Skyline Tower offers customized telephone answering for your business.

The best way to have a professional appearance is by having a receptionist. With Regus, you can bypass the cost of hiring a full time receptionist and have our staff answer your phones with complete customization for your business. We will answer according to your chosen greeting and transfer to any number you choose, including your cell!

Call Bill @ 425.623.3577