Volume 2, Issue 6

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Community
Quote of the Week: People may hear your words, but they FEEL your attitude. -John Maxwell
Friday Funday: Represent YOUR favorite NFL team and wear you favorite jeans.

SLO Information Due Date

The deadline for you to complete F and P's and other testing for SLO's (depending on your area) has been extended to October 5th. However, we encourage you to continue to be diligent about completing the assessments. The administrative team will meet with ALL grade levels during your planning on October 11th to review SLO information as a team. This meeting can serve as your data meeting for the week. In addition, Mrs. Smith will meet with us during this week's faculty meeting to explain additional changes to the SLO process.

Excellence in Communication...Technology

So many of you have taken the bull by the horns and are thoroughly implementing See Saw into your classes. Way to Go! Rachel Holloway has informed me that she has appointments with several people to help implement See Saw into their classrooms. What a terrific way to use our tech integration specialist! After speaking with her last week, we have decided that a teacher having multiple classes (mainly upper grades) is perfectly fine. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, don't forget that you need to update your webpages a minimum of every two weeks. Even if you maintain a Weebly or some other type of webpage, you must link it to our district webpage.
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Important Information

Color Printer: Just a reminder that if you are printing items that are mostly BLACK, please do not use the color printer in the STEAM lab. We have had to replace the cartridges, which is fine..but looking at the usage report, several pages that are being printed are black only and that defeats the purpose of the color printer. Thank you!
Annual Enrollment: Don't forget to sign up for a session with the benefits counselor for the yearly annual enrollment. Ms. Wood re-sent the link this past week.
Twitter Challenge: Congrats to Melissa White, Caroline Blackwood, Katrinia Wilkerson and Chris Starnes for winning the Twitter challenge two weeks ago and earning a "Book Break with Mrs. Young or Mr. G" be sure to come by my office to get your certificate!
Cafeteria Cleanliness: Please remind your students to check on and underneath the table before you exit the cafeteria. In a walk through last week, I found multiple large pieces of trash (including zip lock bags and a whole apple). Also, please remind students to use quiet voices while the music is playing.
GBE: If your evaluation is NOT SLO based and you are required to complete a GBE, this must be completed by October 11th. Mr. Griffin and I will be in contact with you to schedule a meeting.
Silent Auction Request from the PTO: For this year's silent auction, the PTO would like to include a Breakfast with the Teacher option or a tutoring session option. For the breakfast, a teacher would volunteer and the winning bid would have breakfast with the student in the classroom before the kids come from around 7:15-7:35. For the tutoring, it would be a teacher donating their time for a regular tutoring session. If you are interested and wouldn't mind donating your time, please let me know or contact Jennifer Bowman with the PTO.
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Most Valuable Players for the week...

Read below to find out who the MVP's for the week are!

I would like to nominate the cafeteria staff for MVP this week. They went above and beyond to provide cookie sheets and cook our apple pies for kindergarten this week. They really had a crowd with all the moms that came to help us make them and they handled it flawlessly. The pies were delicious and the children loved it. Thanks from the kindergarten team.

I would like to nominate Katie Belich for MVP. She is on a new grade level this year and immediately jumped to help in any way possible. She has gone above and beyond to help create presentations, organize field trips, and be a team player. She’s been a great addition to team 3rd grade!

I really want to make a shout out to Jocelyn, Jad, Amy and Sherri for all your help with MAP testing. It truly does take a village and I wouldn’t have been able to get it done without y’all!! You all are my MVP’s this week!! A big thank you from myself AND my student!

Congratulations to our MVP's and have a great week everyone!