Muscular Fitness Safety Precautions

Jonathan Tremblay

Find An Instructor

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An instructor can make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. Doing the exercise correctly can help avoid injury and get you better results. Instructors can even help you set reasonable fitness goals.

Warm Up and Cool Down

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Warming up allows your muscles, heart, and lungs to gradually work up to the peak of your training. This can help prevent injuries,such as pulled muscles and torn ligaments, and can also help you perform at your peak. Cooling down allows your body to gradually decrease from the peak of training and can prevent soreness and get you back to normal quicker.

Rest Between Workouts

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Resting allows your body to recover and get you feeling back to normal again. Without rest, you can cause serious damage to your body, such as torn ligaments and pulled muscles, which will leave you resting for a lot longer. That is why it is important to rest each muscle group about two to three days in between training.

Stress Proper Technique

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When you first start weight training stress proper technique over weight and reps. Even if you increase your weight and/or reps to a greater amount, you won't see much improvement if you don't have the right form and can even cause injury.

Wear Shoes

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Shoe while weight training might sound a bit odd but shoes can add extra traction that will keep you from slipping and hurting yourself off the metal weights.