Our Local Trees

Come and have a look at our local trees

Our Local Trees

Trees are important because they provide homes for birds, mammals , reptiles and frogs. Some trees have flowers on them that produce nectaer that most insects would eat. Trees also provide seeds for birds to eat. Trees also have safe places for animals to hide from predators. They provide hollows which are used by most animals.

The animals that live in them.

Orangutans are the most common tree animal. You can usally tell an animal lives in a tree because of their fluffy ears, bushy tails and agile bodies. These are some of following tree animals:






Most common tree animals

Save our trees


Some people are chopping down trees to make room for buildngs, fun parks etc. Trees are very important because they support animals and also us because they provide oxygen for us to breath so if we didn't have any trees we will run out of oxygen. Also logging effects where animals live, eat and sleep. It can also make endangered animals extinced.

Better than trees

Nothing can be worth having than trees. If you become a councillor when you get older don't cut down trees to make room for a fun park, or building, if I were you I'd think twice!