April 9th

Backgound of Ebola

Amber Perry

Ebola is a virus that is serious and is untreatable. Ebola first occurred in 1976 with two outbreaks. The current outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most difficult outbreak of Ebola since it was discovered. There has been many deaths. There is about 25,178 people infected and about 10,445 people have died. It has spread from Guinea across to Sierra Leone and Liberia. The most infected countries were Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.


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People infected with Ebola

Amber Perry

In October, Teresa Romero a 44 year-old Spanish nurse got infected with Ebola while she was taking care of a priest who was infected. That was the first times Ebola occurred outside of Africa. October 20, she was treated and the tests came out negative for the virus. September 19, Eric Duncan flew to Texas from Liberia. After five days he began having symptoms for Ebola and he went to the hospital, but they sent him home. His symptoms got worse and went back to the hospital nine days later were he died on October 8. October 30 was the first case of Ebola in the United States. On October 12th the nurse who treated Eric was infected. On December 24, 2014 a technician in Atlanta was infected with Ebola.

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Treating a patient

When they are treating patients that are infected they have to make sure every part of there body is covered or they could catch that disease.

Foreign Policy

The World Health Organization has taken the lead on Ebola. President Obama has sent 3,000 troops over to West Africa. The United Nations donated more than $1 Billion to help fight for Ebola.


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My opinion on Ebola is that its is a very serious disease that is deadly. I think doctors should work harder and find some type of cure to cure Ebola. Doctors should worry more about finding a cure for the more deadly disease instead of finding cures for other disease that aren't as important as Ebola. I think they need to go to Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia to find a reason this is happening. I think they should kill the animals that are infected with Ebola because it would help stop the spread of the disease and total of death in West Africa and part of the United States.
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