Guzman Gazette


Thank you for a wonderful week with your children. As we get more comfortable with our new classmates, we also get a bit more talkative. Constructive chatter during partner work or group time is HIGHLY encouraged! During new skill introduction or instruction time, chatter and side conversations can be very distracting for many students. Please talk to your child about being respectful of the teacher, other students, and their own learning.

Unit 2 Open and Closed Syllables

  1. hi
  2. music
  3. snack
  4. skin
  5. flu
  6. that
  7. chin
  8. much
  9. thin
  10. robot
  11. thick
  12. minus

Reminders and Events

  • Reading Assessments continue through September
  • Monday, September 12th- ChickFilA from 5-8
  • Wednesday, September 14th- Early Release, Children will be released at 1:00p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 20th-Curriculum Night 5:30 p.m. for parents

Spelling City for additional Letterland Word Work

1. Click on “Search", then choose the drop down "Teachers/Parents" 2. Enter search, drop down to teacher: mgsd second 3. Choose the unit we are currently studying.

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