Survival For The Florida Everglades

by Malcolm Fouts

What to do when you crash.

When you crash you should check if there are any alligators or crocodiles around if you see one coming towards you hope you have a knife if you kill it then skin it for food then build a fire for warmth then cook the meat from the crocodile/alligator.

How to make a shelter.

When making a shelter make sure to find good sized sticks and put them in the right place and cover up any spaces so that alligators or crocodiles can't see you and then get some moss if you can find any and lay inside your tent for comfort and then there you go.

These are some predators you would find in the Everglades.

The temperature in the Everglades.

The temperature in the Everglades.

In the everglades it can get up to 90 degrees farenheight but at night it can get pretty cold so keep the fire going to keep warm.