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Fifth Grade Newsletter

Red Pyramid Party THIS Friday, March 25!

We did it! We finished out The Red Pyramid novel unit! To celebrate our reading success, we will have a class party on Friday, March 25. I have E-mailed a SignUp Genius list to all parents. Please kindly sign up for an item or two for your student to bring to the event.

The Fifth Period Class Link is Here:

The Second and Seventh Period Link is Here:

At the party, I will be giving the students a mini quizlet (not for a grade) about the book. Each student who receives a 100% on the quizlet will win a small prize. These students will also be entered into a drawing to win a larger grand prize!

***Parents, you are invited to join us for the celebration if you wish; we would love to have you!

The fifth period party will take place from 12:25-1:15.

The second and seventh period party will take place from 1:30-2:25.

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Completing the Red Pyramid Novel Unit and Book Report Project: VERY IMPORTANT!

Now that we have completed our The Red Pyramid novel unit, there are several factors that will be weighed into the grade:

1. AR quiz for the novel (don't worry if your student read the novel in the past and already took the quiz; I will give them another chance)

2. Self- and Teacher-Scored rubric (will be based on participation, discussion, and following directions/rules in class during the unit).

3. Book Report Dodecahedron Project (the majority of the grade will be based on this, so please make sure you TAKE YOUR TIME and do a NICE project that demonstrates knowledge, thoughtfulness, and effort).

Dodecahedron Project (Due Monday, April 11):

Students were given the project packet last week, and it is also available on FSA Connect. Because the due date is so far out, it may not show up in your "Upcoming Assignments" list yet; please make sure you look out for it if it isn't!

The instruction packet for building the completed dodecahedron was given out today, and it is also on FSA Connect.

You should find the files for both the project and the instructions in Reading under every week between now and the week due.

I have given the students ample time to complete the project before spring break if they are traveling or simply prefer to be done. If you know you will be traveling or otherwise won't have time over spring break, please make sure you work on it from now!

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I sent Scholastic book fliers home today. They are due THIS Friday, March 25. This is a little less time than I normally give for the orders, but it is the only way for students to get their books before spring break.

To Order:

Online: Visit and enter the class code NCNYH. If you do not enter the class code correctly, I will not receive your order, so please make sure it says Mrs. Khan!

In School: Write down your list of books and simply bring payment to me. There are many fliers I have compiled into one, so it is impractical to fill out the individual order forms. Students may pay in cash OR check; either is fine. Please write checks out to Scholastic Reading Club, NOT to FSAPS.

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Unit Four Exam on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1

On Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1, we will have our Unit Four Exam!

The optional exam review packet is already available on FSA Connect, so you may use it as a study guide for the exam. Please remember, even if you do not want to do the extra credit, you should still keep the review packet for studying. I will send home printed packets this Wednesday. The unit's homework packets are also a great tool to use for studying, especially the vocabulary words!

In order to complete the unit before spring break and not have an exam the first week back, we are combining two sections of the unit into one. Because of this, you will find two lists of vocabulary words in this week's homework packet.

There will be NO weekly quiz this week; however, please study the vocabulary words and make sure you are familiar with them! Any vocabulary words from the unit may be on the exam.

***If you already know that your student will be absent on one or more of the exam dates, please E-mail me so that we can arrange for them to take the exam before you leave!

March Accelerated Reader (AR) Log Packet Due Next Friday, April 1

The March AR logs are due on Friday, April 1.

Students should read three books for this log: one fiction, one non-fiction, and one student's choice. If they are reading a particularly lengthy or advanced level book, they may count it as two with my prior approval.

Some classes were not able to do AR in class last week on Friday, so we will make that time up and have an extra session this week. Since we also have the party this Friday, we will have this week's in-class session on Thursday. I will also add in a few sessions next week before the packet is due!