Middle School

Welcome To 6th Grade

First Day Of Middle School!!!

On the first day of middle school for sixth graders you will first go over rules and instruction. Second you will go to very class to get used to it and practice getting in your locker. Third you will go over the cafeteria rules. Then you should have your electaves which they will also go over the rules there. That should be very similar to your first day as a sixth grader at East Middle School.

A Normal Day At East Middle School!

First when you walk into the school in the morning you will either go to the cafeteria or the gym and wait till 8:30. Second you will go to your locker and get ready for your first class witch you will have 4 minutes to get to.For the first couple of weeks your teacher will let you get the hang of things then it will get serious.Third after your first class you will go to your next class then you will go to lunch.East Middle School has this thing called block days and they get very confusing since you are just adjusting from 1 class the whole day and now you will have two days with all different classes.Fourth after lunch you will go to your two classes after that then at 3:40 you will get out of school.That will be a regular day as a sixth grader at East Middle School. Try not to...

  • get in trouble
  • back talk the teachers
  • be mean
  • get written up
  • get ASD/ISS/LD.

ASD [ After School Detention]

ISS [ In School Suspension]

LD [ Lunch Detention]

Guaranteed to be a fun year!

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This Is Another Used To Be Sixth Grader!