Fridley Online Academy Updates:

March 2021



Students should work on Edgenuity coursework 2 hours per school day, which can be done anytime during the day. Attendance is now taken twice a day. The goal is to more fairly represent and communicate the time students are putting into their school work. If your child cannot do so due to illness or an appointment, you should call Sharon at 763-502-5604.

· If a student works 120 + minutes, they are marked present in both places; this meets the 2-hour attendance requirement.

· If a student works 60-119 minutes, they are marked absent in Advisory and present in the afternoon session.

· If a student works 0-59 minutes, they are marked absent in both places.

Quarter 3 runs through April 9:

Students should generally have 4 courses on Edgenuity right now. They should finish those by April 9, at which time they will have their remaining 3 courses for the rest of the school year.

Incompletes for First Semester:

Incompletes from Semester 1 should be completed. Check with your mentor teacher if you have questions.

Student Expectations for FHS Online Academy:

· Do your school work - work to stay on track from the beginning

· Put in 2-4 hours every day (if you are sick, your guardian calls attendance line)

· Check your email every day; respond to emails from Fridley educators

· Attend weekly Advisory Meetings with your mentor (or other assigned teacher)

· Know the Academic Integrity guidelines and follow them

· Check Google Classrooms: Grade-Level and Mentor

FHS Online Academy Lead:

Chandra Hanke

Pronouns: she/her

FHS Online Academy Lead

Fridley High School


Google Voice/Text: ‪(763) 634-1489