Friday January 10

Link and Learn Friday


Random name generator - No more fights over whose turn it is for classroom jobs. Bookmark this link and use it with your interactive board to pick names in a fun new way.

This site has some other tools that may be useful, like the Google maps treasure hunt, countdown timer or dates for schools, but the website is really hard to navigate. If you choose to go to the main site ( stick to the tools list in the right margin.


Mystery Math - IPAD Only ($2.99) - Players use their math skills to unlock rooms and passages on their journey to rescue dragonflies at 8 different museum locations: sports, wild west, vehicles prehistoric, art, music, aerospace and Ancient history.

This app also has the ability to customize the math concepts for multiple user accounts. and user's can create their own avatars. Although I didn't play this game myself to test it, it received great reviews, was on the top 50 apps list and has some beautiful graphics. Find it here:

Just for Fun

Super Soul Sunday - This is my absolute new favorite! It's actually a TV program on the OWN network Sunday mornings. It features the best conversations ever with some of the most thought provoking people on our planet. If you don't get this network or miss a program, the website features video archives of selected shows, books, videos and more.

See these wonderful conversations between Oprah and amazing and inspirational writers, poets, parents and spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra, Jack Kornfield, Maya Angelou, Diana Nyad, Dani Shapiro....the list is endless.

Don't miss the chance to lift your spirit and be inspired!