AAL Updates

Condemning Racism and Social Injustice

June 4th, 2020

Dear AAL Students & Parents/Guardians,

We live in an unprecedented time with the difficulties and demands of COVID-19 health guidelines. We realize the impact of a global health crisis and school closure has created other stressors and strains. The limited human contact, the need to respond to resources required for e-learning, the economic crisis that has caused many families to financially struggle are challenges that affect members of our school community. We are proud of how our staff, students and families have responded through this uncertain time.

As the school year ended, we had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the continuation of our kindergarten, 5th and 8th grade students. We are glad we had an opportunity to pause and celebrate our students. We especially sympathize with our 8th graders who lost their final months together. Their time at AAL has been important to them and to us. It was a special moment to see them at the continuation celebration last Friday.

School has officially ended for the year. This time of year is typically more carefree, our students should be able to enjoy more time with family, friends, or be at the park. Unfortunately, we are still faced with health guidelines and restrictions. To further complicate matters our nation is divided. From the reactions and racism towards the Asian community as the pandemic began to the recent senseless death of George Floyd, a Black-American we face another crisis in our nation. We share the confusion, frustration and anger about the continued discrimination, racial inequality and harassment faced by people of color. We believe that everyone deserves to be free from this kind of treatment. We commit ourselves to helping our school community and we pledge to spread tolerance and understanding when we resume school in the Fall.

Our hearts hurt when people have so much hate in theirs. We hope we can assist our community and our children process and understand such severe conflict. Below, find some resources you may find helpful in talking to your children about racial injustice and the unrest in our country:

We are committed to your children and our community. We stand unified in our desire for justice, equality and human growth.


Linda August


Academy of Advanced Learning