By: Kaitlyn Wood

What is a GMO?

GMO's are genetically modified organisms. People use them by putting them in food to make the food taste better, look better, and last longer. Scientists make genes to add to animals or food to make them better in any way.

My Position

I do not agree with the idea of GMO's being used to alter animals or food. I do not agree with them because they can be very harmful to the environment. There can also be side affects of GMO's to certain people. There is no raise of economy value due to GMO's.

Evidence on My Position

* GMO's can have harmful effects on your body and can cause allergies . As an article says “..consumption of GMO foods increases the risks of food-based allergies in people.”.

* Another reason is the bad effects it has on the environment. If bad GMO's get into animals that we eat for meat or plants that we eat, “weeds, for example, that can be crossed with GMO plants can often become resistant to herbicides, creating the need for more GMO efforts.” could harm us.