Badger Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 31

Badger Family,

As always, thank you for your commitment to our kids. I have been extremely impressed by our teachers who truly have a whatever it takes attitude. I cannot thank you enough for the countless hours you put in to your extremely important calling. We have one more full instructional week prior to our busy week of STAAR testing. Please make sure you read all of the Badger Business below as there is an immense amount of information that I needed to share. I hope you find time to relax this weekend and have a wonderful weekend!


Our Week At A Glance

Monday (5/2)
  • Advisory - Grade Check, Binder Check, WOW
  • Algebra Boot Camp / 3:30 - 5:30
Tuesday (5/3)
  • Advisory - DEAR / PLC
  • AP Spanish Testing
  • DC Parent Meeting / 6:00 / Coach McKinnie
Wednesday (5/4)
  • Advisory -STAAR Nugget - Social Studies
  • Algebra EOC
  • Board, walls, and hallways covered by 3:45
  • Newest Badgers Meeting / Large Conference Rm. / 3:45
  • Symphonic Band Rehearsal / 3:45 - 4:45
Thursday (5/5)
  • Advisory -Lions Quest
  • Last Day of Whatever It Takes Tutorials
  • PAC Lunch Meetings w/ Mrs. McDonald / All 3 lunches
  • Dr. Chadwell Campus Visit / 2:00 pm
  • NJHS Induction / Cafeteria / 6:00 - 7:30
  • CTHS Band 101 Meeting for our current 8th graders / 7:00 pm & 7:45 pm
Friday (5/6)
  • Advisory -Planner Check & WOW
  • STAAR Pep Rally - Follow Pep Rally Schedule
  • Progress Report Grades Due in Computer by 4:00 pm
  • Hat Day with coupon for NJHS

Sunday (5/8)

  • Happy Birthday, Jackie Auger!

Dates from Mrs. Peters:

  • May 13th - Last day to check out library books, district-wide.
  • May 17th - All books due to library
  • May 17th - Lone Star Reads Field Trip to Itz Pizza
  • May 23-27th - Spring Book Fair

Badger Business

  • We are looking forward to celebrating our teachers next week for Teacher Appreciation Week! Please check your box before you leave today for a short and sweet note and make sure you read the entire note. :)
  • Amanda Bryson, 6th grade Social Studies teacher, has decided to stay home next school year to care for her precious baby boy, Stone. I am thrilled for her! You will see a posting for this position soon.
  • Congratulations to Richard Cox! He is joining our Badger family and will teach 7th grade ELAR and coach. Please welcome him and congratulate him when you see him next!
  • Please do your best when you have a planned absence for a Thursday to teach your LQ lesson the day before so that your students are receiving continuity for the rest of the year.
  • Our CPAC spent a good amount of time discussing the option of taking 2 days or 3 days to test for final exams. As a committee and on behalf of the campus, we have decided that we will test for 3 days and will not have a full 6 week celebration. Mr. Knowles and Ms. Warden will get you the details on how we will celebrate students for their hard work this school year.
  • If your classes are displaced and/or if you're being impacted by our upcoming AP Spanish and/or Algebra EOC, you will be communicated with by Christie Warden or Katie Munk. We appreciate your flexibility.
  • We will have our NJHS Induction on May 5th from 6:00 - 7:30 in the cafeteria. We would love to have you in attendance if at all possible. This is such an honor for our students who are chosen.
  • Due to our Algebra EOC, our library will be closed on Wednesday, 5/4. You will receive an email from Corrina Peters once she completes testing to reopen the library.
  • Please make sure your bulletin boards, walls, and hallways are covered by 3:45 on Wednesday, 5/4, due to our upcoming week of STAAR testing.
  • We have seen quite an increase in copies this week and have had to double our paper order. Please be mindful of how much paper you are using and consider using class sets and/or your elmo as often as possible. Thank you!
  • Please remember to submit your award info to Ashley Velasco. If you have any questions, please ask her. We are doing our awards the same as last year with one minor change which is we will give awards out alphabetically by student name. This is such a fun time to celebrate our students and their accomplishments!
  • Check out the important upcoming dates listed below!!! We all have so much going on!
  • Semester Exam Info./Reminders: Every course must give a semester exam grade - no exceptions. STAAR and EOC courses have the option to assign a cumulative product/performance type of assignment to use for the semester exam grade.

Ensure that an alternate task/performance is assigned in order to comply with

district grading and reporting handbook.

· Other courses not assessed with STAAR will administer a district-developed

semester exam.

The semester exams will be housed in Eduphoria Forethought; some are also in Canvas.

Teachers may access answer documents one week prior to the assessment administration (week before Semester Exams)

*Exams for any courses NOT ASSESSED with STAAR will be uploaded into Eduphoria by May 13.
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Shout Outs!

  • Sam Bailey, Cheryl Bonnick, Jennifer Smith, and Kyle Wheatley - Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to attend our soccer tournament!
  • Michael Payne - Thank you for always making other smile and laugh!
  • Drew McKinnie - Thank you for using Twitter to communicate all of your awesome soccer news!
  • Stephen Corkill - Thank you for being awesome and being funny even when you aren't trying to!
  • Lauren Polasek - Thank you for taking care of a teacher and his guest teacher while being a long term guest teacher on our campus!
  • Alicia Leone - Thank you for your high energy!
  • Kyle Wheatley - Thank you for being willing to mc for our awards!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for your creativity in encouraging our students and staff that are involved in round 2 interventions!
  • Priscilla Green - Thank you for your willingness to cover classes when we are short without the office having to ask!
  • Laura Ortiz - Thank you for suggesting a new place for the special lunch our secretaries had this week!
  • Officer Harper - Thank you for always being supportive and building relationships with our students!
  • BJ Kiser - Thank you for keeping our gymnasts with you for 3 days so CTHS could fully prepare to host the district gymnastics tournament this weekend!
  • Ashley Velasco - Thank you for taking care of Mrs. McDonald!
  • Karen Walters - Thank you for covering the front office so that our secretaries could have lunch off campus on secretaries day!
  • Thank you staff who baked and/or purchased sweets for our sweet secretaries in honor of Secretaries Day!
  • Pamela Kelly - Thank you for thinking outside of the box with your students and being willing to take your LionsQuest group to the Union Gospel to serve!
  • Jen Fifer, Karen Walters, Kayla Bradford, David Johnson, Brady Blair, and Richard Cox - Thank you for covering classes when we were in a bind!
  • Richard Cox - Thank you for being in the power zone while covering a class for a teacher!

Way to go Boys Soccer!

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 5/9- STAAR Testing / 6th & 7th Grade Math / 8th Grade STAAR Retest / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • 5/10- STAAR Testing / 6th & 7th Grade Reading / 8th Grade STAAR Retest / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • 5/11- STAAR Testing / 8th Grade Science / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • 5/11 - National Nurse Day / We love Nurse Nyemade!
  • 5/12- STAAR Testing / 8th Grade Social Studies / Closed Campus to Visitors
  • 5/12 - Soccer Game vs. Wayside / BHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 5/16 - Soccer Game vs. PV / CTHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 5/17 - Band Concerts @ CTHS - Beginning @ 6:30 / Symphonic & Honors / 7:30
  • 5/21 - Theater Monologue Showcase / Ed Willkie / 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • 5/23 - Choir Concerts @ EW - 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Choirs / 6:30 pm
  • 5/24 - Soccer Game vs. HMS / CTHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 5/25 - 6th Grade Art Field Trip / Kimbell Art Museum
  • 5/25 - 2017 DC Parent Meeting / 6:00 pm
  • 5/26 - 7th Grade Art Field Trip / Dallas Cowboy Stadium
  • 5/26 - 8th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 6:30
  • 5/27 - 6th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 9:00
  • 5/27 - 7th grade awards ceremony / Cafeteria / 2:00
  • 5/27 - Band Party for 7th & 8th grades / Ed Willkie / 6:00 - 10:00 pm
  • 5/30- Memorial Day / School Holiday / No School
  • 5/31 - Ice Cream Band Social / Cafeteria / 6:00 - 7:00
  • 5/31 - Soccer Game vs. CV / BHS / 5:30 & 6:40
  • 6/2 - 8th grade Dance / Cafeteria / 6:00 - 8:00 pm
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To enter attendance for every class period. Make sure you enter your 2nd period attendance between 9:45 - 10:05. Thank you!

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