Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of January 11 and 18

Important Dates

12/23 Jamie Augusto's Birthday

12/26 Christine Griley's Birthday

1/1 Fernando Baquero's Birthday

1/4 Hollie Garcia and Matthew Chapman's Birthday


Staff inservice day- report to SMHS in the morning


Students return

Stephanie to DO- All day

3:15 Garden Club


CSUSM Winter Camp- 4th

9:00 PTO Board Meeting

2:30 PLC Meetings

Sarah Fehrman's Birthday


CSUSM Winter Camp- 4th

Food Pantry

3:15 Student Council


CSUSM Winter Camp- 4th

SMUSD District Admin to do site walkthroughs (schedule and info coming)

8:45 Primary Flag Salute

Cassidy LeVitus's Birthday


Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday- No School


3:15 Garden Club


2:30 Staff Meeting


3:00 Schoolicious Launch- MPR

Rosie Rea and Becca Henig's Birthday



Upper Grade Flag Salute


Alma Pohlert's Birthday

Tiger Tid-Bits

-Congrats to Matthew Chapman for getting a Donorschoose grant fully funded! A drone is coming to SME.

-Congrats to Becca Henig for her Fuel Up to Play60 Grant. Students will now have pedometers to track their daily steps.

-SME 4th graders are off to CSUSM Winter Camp to learn what it feels like to be a college-bound student.

-Thank you to our SME Student Council. They collected 683 pounds of food for their drive.


-Imagine Learning is now working. If you are teaching after school learning, there should be no issues and students should have minimal wait time that we were experiencing before. If you would like to add it back in for your ELL students in the school day, please do so. Also, let students know they can access it from home as well.

-Information on our Go For the Gold. Based on survey results, we would like to make this program one that is motivating to students and manageable for teachers. For the month of January please have students only fill in their nightly reading and their AR quizzes. We will have a easier form to use for February.

-Student Council will host our Great Kindness Challenge this year. More info to come from our team.

-SMUSD Walkthrough- I will share a schedule with you. We will try our best to stick to this schedule as best as we can. Our district admin would like to see instruction in one of our focus areas: guided reading, close reading, number talks, math instruction using collaborative conversations or ELD instruction. Thank you for your help with this!


Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)
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STEM Grant

Have an idea for a STEM activity and want it funded? Try this grant.

STAPLES and Current Wisdom Foundation Grants

Please see me if you are interested in applying for this simple grant. If you are looking for more ideas or have something you really have been wanting for your class, this is the grant for you!

Coming Soon- The Great Kindness Challenge at SME in January

Our Attitude

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us,

but by how we react to what happens;

not by what life brings to us,

but by the attitude we bring to life.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.

It is a catalyst-a spark that creates extraordinary results.

-Author Unknown

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