Babysitting Safety

By: Tessa Slaby and Amanda Johnson

Babysitting is fun but can be very dangerous.Babysitting is a very serious job. It is important that you know what your doing, especially if something goes wrong.You have to be very responsible and ready to help the child if they get hurt in any way.

Safety Rules(Do's)

  • you should know all the emergency numbers like the police, poison control center, and fire department just in case.
  • you should know were the first aid is.
  • You should know what to do in case of an emergency.
  • If its a fire,play a sort of game to get the child out of the house without scaring him/her.
  • Make sure to know where the child is at all times and what they are doing,especially when playing with small toys.
  • You should know CPR,the Heimlich maneuver,and what to do in case they stop responding.

Safety Rules(Don't's)

  • Don't leave ever leave the child unattended.
  • Don't feed the child hard candies, spicy foods, or tacos.
  • Don't let the children go anywhere with anyone unless guardian has granted them permission.
  • Don't let anyone come into the house while babysitting.
  • Don't go on phone or watch the television the whole time you are with the child.


  • Make sure you are with the child at all times.
  • Make sure you monitor what the child is doing and eating.
  • Make sure the child doesn't go places it shouldn't.
  • Make sure that the child knows not to leave the house without you.
  • Make sure that you avoid going online or watching TV by playing board games or going outside.