Jaguar News

Volume 3, Issue 14 - November 22, 2019

Dear Parents,

With Thanksgiving break approaching, our students will have a lot of unstructured time that they often spend on their phones or video games. We would like to invite you to encourage your kids to go outside and play if the weather permits, and also, as we continue to work toward improving our students' reading skills, we want to ask you to promote reading time at home.

Reading for pleasure has in impact on breadth of vocabulary, reading and writing ability, and self confidence as a reader. The ability to read competently and, more importantly, the enjoyment of reading has implications for a student’s academic success. It's also an important indicator of success in other areas of life. Students who love to read have:

  • higher scores on the cognitive and social/attitudinal competencies
  • consistently higher scores in mathematics, reading, logical problem-solving and attitude
  • higher average scores for engagement in school, positive communication and relations with family, and positive friendships
  • show less risky behavior
  • higher levels of motivation towards school.

Have your student stop by Gentry's library to find high-interest reading material before the break!

Next Parent Newsletter-December 6th

We will not be sending the November 29th issue of the Parent Newsletter due to the Thanksgiving Break. Our next issue will be sent on December 6th. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

Winter Spirit Week- December 2-6

Please see the below flyer regarding our upcoming Winter Spirit Week! In addition to our Spirit Week, we will also be hosting a building wide PEP Assembly on December 3rd during all RTI/Advisory classes. Go Jaguars!
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November is typically known as Anti-Bullying Month. This year Gentry’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee decided to expand this idea into a Diversity Day. Today our students and staff had the opportunity to hear from several different speakers from different walks of life. The speakers included:

  • Miss Missouri’s Outstanding Teen, Shae Smith
  • Mr. Chuck Graham
  • Ms. Aziz Rashid
  • Ms. Jasmine Chevious
  • Ms. Dorcus Qian

Media Center Minute

We received and update from the district today about the Home Access issue. We continue to have connectivity issues with students and parents trying to reach Home Access. Students can request access and sometimes after a VERY LONG wait it will connect. The vendor is still working to resolve the issue.

Diversity Dispatch

During December the Diversity Committee will be hosting a giving month. This month our charity will be the Mid-Missouri Food Bank. We will begin collecting food after Thanksgiving break and will have our Diversity Giving Tree up in the Gentry Foyer representing varying giving holidays at this time of year. Watch for more information in next week’s SMORE’s about our charity.

PBIS Goals

Our PBIS goal for next week is for students to be safe. Students will intentionally watch where they are going and keep their hands, feet and other objects to themselves.

December Secondary Lunch Menu

Thanksgiving Break

Just a reminder that school will not be in session November 27-November 29 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We are so grateful for each and every one of you and all that you do daily to support our faculty, students and school! Enjoy your time with family and friends!

Student Absences

As the holiday season approaches and students begin traveling near and far to be with family and friends, please be sure that you contact the main office at 214-3240 or email Kelly Harrison at to report your child's absence. As always, thank you for your help with this.

Advisory Lessons for November 25-26

Negative to Positive Perspective:

  • Participants will practice ways of letting go of negative attitudes and emotional baggage.

Family and National Traditions

  • Students will learn about different family and national traditions and then bond with their peers during advisory while celebrating these various traditions.

Looking Ahead November 25- December 1

Please see listed below the clubs and/or activities along with their locations that are occurring at Gentry Middle School for the upcoming week. Please know that activities are subject to occasional last minute changes. Feel free to contact the main office at 214-3240 or visit our website if you have any further questions.

Monday, November 25: (B Day)

2:35-4:00 pm- Gentry Musical Read Through/Stage

2:35-4:00 pm- MAC Scholars/Rm. 161

2:35-4:00 pm- Running Club/Annex C

4:00-5:15 pm- 8th Girls Basketball Practice/Gym

5:30-7:30 pm- Show Choir Staffs Concessions Stand

6:00 pm- 7th Boys Basketball Game vs. Lewis and Clark @ GMS

6:00 pm- 7th Girls Basketball Game @ Lewis and Clark

6:00 pm- 8th Boys Basketball Game @ Sedalia

Tuesday, November 26: (A Day)

2:35-4:00 pm- Jazz Band Rehearsal/Rm. 172

2:35-4:00 pm- Robotics Club/Rm. 152

2:35-4:00 pm- Engineering Balsa Bridge Club/Rm. 166

2:35-4:00 pm- Rubik's Cube Club Meeting/Rm. 106

2:35-4:45 pm- 7th Boys Basketball Practice/Gym

5:30-7:30 pm- Show Choir Staffs Concession Stand

6:00 pm- 8th Boys Basketball Game vs. SMS @ GMS

6:00 pm- 8th Girls Basketball Game @ SMS

Wednesday, November 27:

School NOT in Session Due to Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 28:

School NOT in Session Due to Thanksgiving Break

Friday, November 29:

School NOT in Session Due to Thanksgiving Break

2:45-4:45 pm- 7th Boys Basketball Practice/Gym

Saturday, November 30:

There are no activities scheduled for today.

Sunday, December 1:

2:00-4:00 pm- 7th Girls Basketball Practice/Gym

4:00-6:00 pm- 8th Girls Basketball Practice/Gym

6:00-7:30 pm- 8th Boys Basketball Practice/Gym

6:00-8:00 pm- 7th/8th Cheer Practice/Up Commons

Future Dates to Remember

11/27-11/29- Thanksgiving Break/School NOT in Session

12/3- Winter PEP Assembly/Gym

12/3- 8th Grade Winter Band Concert

12/4- Early (12:05 pm) Dismissal/Teacher Work Day

12/5- Fox Musical Trip to St. Louis

12/5- AVID Classes visit RBHS

12/6- 7th Grade Winter Band Concert

12/13- Choir Classes Tour Day

12/18- PTSA Meeting

12/18-12/20- 8th Grade Finals

12/23-1/3- School NOT in Session Due to Winter Break

1/6- All Grades R3 Rotation Begins

1/8- Fine Arts Extravaganza

1/9- Grade Cards Sent Home

1/20- School Not in Session Due to MLK Day

1/29- Early (12:05 pm) Dismissal