Themes: Universal?

Antigone and Whale Rider


Both Koro and Creon (men themselves) assume leaders for their community must be male.

  1. Creon states that losing his authority to a woman (Antigone) would be humiliating. He is especially afraid of being undermined by a woman because it would show his kingdom that even a woman is allowed to disobey the king.
    "Of all the people in this city, only she has contempt for my law and broken it. Do you want me to show myself weak before the people? ... No, and I will not. The woman dies" (Scene 3 Lines 24-28).

  2. Koro criticizes his son for naming the newly born daughter Paikea because that is a traditional name reserved for men in the chief's family who will be brought up to take on the leadership of the community. He feels that this name cannot be given to a girl because she cannot be allowed this role in the community as a woman.