Mexico's immigration

The four greatest waves

The waves

The Mexican migration started to increase after 1900. The first immigration wave started before WWII, where agriculture workers where recruited by private labor contractors. The number of immigrants in the country rose from

105,200-624,400, in the years of 1900-1930. This migration is believed to have occurred because of the terror of Mexican revolution which started November 20th, 1910 , which's end can not be profoundly described. The Immigrants cross by walking the dessert and crossing the Rio Bravo into the nearest states, or places in the border. The immigrants settled in areas that could produce a lot of agriculture. In 1921 the Quota Act was passed it reduced immigration by 3%.

Second Wave

The second biggest wave from Mexican immigrants occurred when the Bracero's Program occurred from 1942 to 1964, this program got a little out of hands. 4.6 million contracts were sign in order for Mexicans to migrate to the U.S to work as agriculture and farm participants. The United States was the one that decided to approve this law, Immigrants were legally allowed into the U.S. due to the fact that after the WWII there was going to be a labor shortage. The studies of the Braceros Program helps researches understand religion and cultures. El Paso Texas became a city where most of the braceros stayed at. As the program ended Mexico became maddened because there people were being thrown out, so they decided to migrate illegally.

Third Wave

The third wave initiated after the braceros program was taken away in 1965, after the changes to the U.S. immigration law ended, terminating the quota. This immigration wave caused the U.S. to put limits in Mexico and more Latin countries like South and Central America. The immigrant number was 2,199,200. Since then the Mexican migrants took the jobs that the other people didn't want, as an example the labor, and the constructions for low pay rates. The people started to move into all U.S. mostly changing states based on the growth of the crops and vegetables. Men were the ones that mostly migrated, they later brought their families and started to inhabit the U.S. setting their cultures,values and believes into their kids and the walls now in days seen in most of California or border states.
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Fourth wave

The fourth wave of immigration occurred in 1986 when the IRCA ( Immigration Reform and Control Act) was passed to control and decrees illegal immigration into the United States. This law legalized 2.3 million Mexicans, but in exchange the border was reinforced and it became way much more harder for Immigrants to cross the border. From 1990-2010 7.5 million immigrants arrived into the United States most of these immigrants were illegal. The immigrants brought their families with them and newer jobs for unskilled workers were open so that the legal immigrants could work, it wasn't until 2001 when the border and immigration laws were fully enforced in order to try to prevent any immigration, which wasn't possible because up to the day Latin people still migrate the United States. There is Mexicans in every single state of the United States, but most of them still stay in the bordering states of Mexico and United States. The murals, the food, local celebrations, music and many more stuff have been things that have been reflected by Mexican migration.