Night Vale Radio

Looking for Interns

The company with the best radio coverage and the most former interns

Our company offers a variety of perks to our interns:

  • Full pay (we're not that heartless)
  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave
  • The ability to work from home
  • Free travel as you report on current events
  • Equal treatment
  • High-tech recording studios
  • Free meals 24/7 in the break room (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)
  • Your own custom office

Our interns are our family and they are treated as one. We here at Night Vale Radio believe it's important to give employees the freedom they deserve. So we hope you apply for a job!

Our facilities:

How to apply:

Chant the words, "community radio" in front of your mirror three times and one of our recruiters will appear.

Congratulations! You're now hired.

Disclaimer: this summoning is not guaranteed 100% safe. Night Vale Radio is not responsible for any accidents involving angered spirits, witches, and/or aliens.