British Perspective

Rohan Patel

Part 1

The Americans first opposed our stamp act, but this our land so we should be able to tax them how our government wants. They believe that since they have always fought natives that the British didn't need to get involved, so they should not pay the taxes for goods. We believe for the protection of the seven year. We are in the double the debt because of these Americans, so they should pay us back through taxes.

Part 2

We could have not gone to war though. Although the Americans do owe us money we should not tax everyday things such as playing cards. Also I think that we didn't have to fight that war for the Americans and should have let them fight it, so we wouldn't be in debt.

Part 3

The British lost to the Americans and that had a huge impact. The British ruled most of the world. When the Americans won it opened eyes to the rest of the world that they can also rebel for what they want in their country and get the British out.