Club 45 At Home

Week 5 Easter edition: April 9-16

He's Still Risen | Igniter Media | Easter Church Video


We are so excited to celebrate with you this weekend!

We will have our 10am Club 45 gathering on Zoom as usual on Easter Sunday. I hope you can join us! There will be a new Zoom link, so watch for one to come your way (or request the link if you haven't gotten it before)!

Thursdays at 4:30 are another chance for you to connect with your Club 45 community.

Jesus is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Love your Club 45 team,

Aaron, Andrea, and Tom

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Gather up some family and let's do Club 45 at home!

You're the expert on Club 45, so you be the teacher! Below is the lesson we had scheduled for this Sunday. Go through all the parts together wherever you are today.

Circle Time

Alright everyone, time to begin! Answer the following questions with your family:

  • Your name
  • Your number from 1-4 that tells us how you are...1 is not so good, 4 is great.
  • Your best ever hiding place for hide-and-seek OR share a time when you were lost and someone found you.


Stand in Your Love

Stand In Your Love

When darkness tries to roll over my bones

When sorrow comes to steal the joy I own

When brokenness and pain is all I know

I won't be shaken, no, I won't be shaken

My fear doesn't stand a chance

When I stand in Your love

My fear doesn't stand a chance

When I stand in Your love

My fear doesn't stand a chance

When I stand in Your love

Oh, shame no longer has a place to hide

And I am not a captive to the lies

Oh, I'm not afraid to leave my past behind

I won't be shaken, no, I won't be shaken

There's power that can break off every chain

There's power that can empty out a grave

There's resurrection power that can save

There's power in Your name, power in Your name

Family Activity - Echo

This is a great family activity! One person volunteers to start the game. They are responsible for choosing a word, telling the moderator, and then whispering the word to the person next to them, who whispers the word to their neighbor. The aim is for the word that the first person started with is the same word that the last person speaks. To do this, the kids have to get close to one another, listen carefully, and then share what they heard. You can talk about how this connects with relationship with Jesus. We can’t just do a flyby with God; we have to stop, get close to him, and listen.

Find it in the Bible

In a physical Bible, or in a Bible app like YouVersion, look up John 17:3. Read it together. Think and talk about this:

  • What do you think about when you hear the words, "eternal life?"
  • How is knowing God and knowing Jesus eternal life?

Time for our Bible Story!

Last week we read about God’s answer to the terrible lie that Satan planted back in the garden of Eden- does God really love me?

God answers that He does love us and Jesus shows us what His love is by dying for us. Jesus and His Father planned from the beginning of time to rescue us when we fall and God’s rescue comes out of His love for us.

We saw that Jesus was real with His Father and talked with him before His crucifixion: this was going to be hard and Jesus asked if there was any other way. At the cross, we learned that Jesus took our sin and separation from God, destroyed it, and brought us back to God again.

This weekend we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection –what we call Easter– and our story picks up right where it left off last week. Keep God’s answer in mind as we read: Jesus loves us so deeply that He died for us.

God's Wonderful Surprise

Let's think about that a little bit!

        • Who does Mary think she hears in the garden?
        • How did Mary know that it was Jesus who called her name
        • What stopped Jesus from coming back to see His friends again?
        • What did the story say was the difference between Jesus’ body before He died on the cross and His body after He rose from the dead?
        • Who does Jesus say He is?
        • And what is the truth that overcomes the terrible lie again?
        • How does that make you feel when you look at meaning of the cross and that Jesus died for you so He could be your all time Rescuer, your all time Guide in life, your all time never ending, never stopping, always with you loving Friend and Father and that Sin no longer has power in your life because of Jesus?
        • Like the Roman Soldiers who didn’t believe Jesus was King had a choice. They had a choice to believe. We have a choice to believe Jesus is our King. As students of Jesus we at some point in our lives need also to make that decision to say Yes I believe in Jesus and what he did for me on the cross and I want to follow him all the days of my life because like we learned in our stories today Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He wants to be our forever friend but we need to accept his invitation.

        • Some of you may remember praying with parents or with a special friend or here at church with someone a simple prayer where you are surrendering your whole life to Jesus by telling Jesus that you believe in Him and want Him to be your King. Maybe some of you don’t remember doing that with Jesus and you want to. In just a minute you’ll have an opportunity to do just that if you want.

        Quiet time - just you and Jesus

        Find a spot where you and Jesus can chat.

        We are going to take a few minutes of quiet for you to be with Jesus and to talk with him. Picture yourself with him and talk to him about anything you’d like! During this time you can also pray a prayer that invites you to take that next step of surrendering your life to Jesus. You can think of it like A-B-C. Start by ADMITTING that you need God - to forgive your sins and to help you. then BELIEVE that Jesus died for you and was raised back to life. Third, COMMIT to following him and walking with him forever - as your forever friend and God. If you haven’t done that yet in your life then you can pray the prayer below. For those of you who already have surrendered your life to be forever friends with Jesus than pray for those friends and family you know who haven’t done that yet. Jesus loves to hear all of our prayers!

        Prayer to begin a relationship with Jesus

        Dear God,

        I know that I am a sinner. I believe that you sent Jesus to be my rescuer and forever friend, and that He died on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me of all of my sins, and come into my life and change me. Will you guide me in my life and help me to follow you for the rest of my life? I want you to be the way, the truth and the life in me! Thank you for saving me!

        In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


        Grab some grape juice and crackers, and take communion together with your family! If you don't have grape juice or crackers, that's ok! As one Club 45er demonstrated with her family last can use any other juice, or even soda! The important thing is to remember what Jesus did for us.
        How Do We Do Communion?

        Get in Touch!

        If there are any of you here who prayed that prayer and accepted Jesus as your forever friend for the first time we have a little something to give you. We are excited to celebrate with you and want to give you a few things to get started on your forever journey with Jesus! Would you send us a little note or text and let us know you have decided to trust Jesus?