Essence of ONE WORD 2021

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Scented Intent : The Workshop

Choose ONE WORD for 2021... then take your one word practice a step further. What does your one word smell like? Essence of One Word 2021 is a live online workshop designed to help you focus intent into ONE WORD with a custom scent!

Join us online for a special collaboration between artist and coach Annelies Gentile and certified clinical aromatherapist Kate Davies. Discover your ONE WORD for 2021 and receive a special custom essential oil blend roll-on to enrich your commitment, mailed to your home.

What could Gratitude smell like? Cinnamon and clove or gardenia and sea? What about Positivity? Lemon and peppermint or bright floral? You decide! Make 2021 really great with Scented Intent: Essence in One Word.

Essence in One Word 2021

Click here to REGISTER. Zoom Link will be sent on Jan 13. Payment and password required to join.

A little about Annelies and Kate...

Annelies M Gentile, MA, PCC is a professional speaker, author, certified life/leadership coach and process artist. Humbly serving all who seek her insight from mentoring youth to professionals across the globe, Annelies helps people see life differently to manage the unexpected, creating calm in chaos. She holds a masters in coaching and wrote a life-changing book From Chaos to Calm. Annelies believes the secret to all success is compassion and knowing how to make a gourmet salad out of weeds.

Kate Davis received her certificate for Clinical Aromatherapy at the Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. She is also an energy worker who practices Reiki. Kate finds that combining essential oils and energy work to be both powerful and gentle in restoring the body, mind, and spirit. She strives to empower the individual to bring about their own healing through the aid of plants and the energy that is within us all.

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