Videos in the Classroom

Benton Tech Tips for Teachers Vol. 5

Why Use Video in the Classroom?

Research shows that when teachers expose students to audiovisual media in the classroom they become more active in classroom discussions. Students live in a world where they are bombarded 24/7 with videos, pictures, sounds and games. They are constantly plugged into the world, so we need to plug them into our classrooms by taking what they love and incorporating it into our lesson plans. These days kids don't "Google it." They "YouTube it." Students would rather watch a video on how the Great Pyramids were built rather than listen to a lecture on it. Learning becomes the most effective when two or more senses are being used at the same time to receive information. Thus, the use of audiovisual media is an effective method for your students to achieve success in your classroom.
YouTube for Schools: Join the Global Classroom Today!

YouTube Edu

YouTube Edu is a sub-section of YouTube that contains quality educational content. It allows teachers to search through a broad range of educational videos, lectures and speeches. It is organized into subject areas that makes searching a breeze. YouTube has partnered with giants such as Khan Academy, Stanford and TED-Ed to bring teachers high quality videos to use as supplements for their classroom instruction.

Websites to Make Clutter Free Videos


TeacherTube is setup much like Youtube. It allows educators to share educational resources such as video, audio, documents, photos, blogs and much more. TeacherTube can be used as a tutorial, demonstration, discussion starter and to review skills with students. The content is created by educators for educators.