My Grandfather, Wang Enpei

By Linda

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My grandpa, Wang Enpei

He lived in Han Dan, Da Ming. He was born in 1947. He went to primary in 1954, but he quit school in 6th Grade because food and money were scarce. The family sent him to Han Dan city to beg for food. He ate a kind of rice flour pie, but soon, they could only buy shrimp together, and later, they could only trade it with a kind of money only for food, and he didn’t have any, so he went home and continued to go to school. He graduated middle school in 1963, and in 1966, he graduated high school.

Because of the Cultural Revolution, the school sent him back to work at his home. So from 1966 to 1978, he worked on: farms, transporting things using donkeys, and working at a brick factory. During this time, my father, my aunt, and my second aunt were born.
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In 1978, he went to college again. And after he graduated, he went to be a teacher (he was my father’s teacher). He created his own school called Gui Xiang School at 1998. My grandpa and grandma came to Tian Jin after I was born,in 2004. And he published his first poetry book in 2012 called Cao Zi Ji (Grass Seed book in English).

My grandfather’s life is just like an egg, starting off soft and became harder and harder. That is because the environment affected him, he was poor, he could not be soft to survive, and he needed to learn how to be hard. Like when he have a problem, he will not lose hope, he will find the answer.

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