Vietnam Free-Fire Zone

by Chris Lynch


The conflict is the War happening over there and hopeing that he survives by following orders. The conflict could be both internal and external because he is sometimes trying to fight himself because sometimes he just dosen't know what to do, and some times he hesitates to follow orders but its hard for him because to decide what to do when your being fired at as well.


When Rudi is drafted by the US Marine Corps he know he's in trouble that because he had always relied heavily on his friends to help him and even save his life.Once everyone of his friends enlisted to join the war they are separated but together at the same time.Rudi join the US Marine Corps ,Ivan joins the Army Infantry but later becomes a sniper,Morris joins the Navy ,and Beck joins the Air force.Together they enter the Vietnam War but will they all come back.Rudi turns out to become one of the US Marines best soldier that because he lives with one simple code : following orders no matter how big or small.No matter how frightening neither, but well this code save his life? Will he come back home like the person he use to be? Or will he die in the hands of Vietnam.

Main Character

Rudi is a 20 years old who had always relied heavily on his friends to be there for him but, once he enters the Vietnam war he changes, he becomes more like Ivan who likes to fight and be appreciated.


The War takes place in Vietnam and thats probably the reason its named the Vietnam War

but were he is stationed at ,is in the middle of the jungle where its really hot and anything could happened


Winning a battle, losing the war? stands for this: they were so proud on fighting and winning a battle but in there hearts they knew they were losing the war even if nobady dared to tell them