The Lesson of Work

By Clay Cole


My Job as of now:

As of right now I have a full-time job working with my show cattle!

My responsibilities include:

Feeding, watering, washing, drying, walking, my calves and keeping them as happy as possible.

What lessons is this teaching me?

This job hasn't only taught me about responsibility, but it's also taught me that I have to work diligently at something if I want to succeed.

How will this help me for my future job?

This job is teaching me everything I need to know for the career field i have decided to take.


A job I want to have in the future:

In the future, I would like to be a show cattle breeder and raise club calves to be presented at the major stock show.

In order to do this job:

I will have to have a large herd of cows, have a lot of land that I farm when necessary, know the genetics to raise the good calves, sell the calves for the proper price, and have the facilities to do all of these things.

By doing this job, i should feel:

Accomplished. I will have completed my life-long dream and accomplished my goals. I will be extremely proud.