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Netiquette And You!

What is Netiquette? It is the etiquette used on networks such as cyberspace, to be stated simply. And etiquette is the prescribed manner in which authority has dawn standards of social of official life. In other words netiquette is
a set of rules for behaving properly online.

Profound internet etiquette (netiquette) is classified as being considerate to the general public to make the internet a joyous experience for everyone. Internet etiquette is centred around data and its use. The types of data that netiquette rules apply to are: text, audio, graphic, and video. Each website supports these types of data to some degree. Since the internet use is new and increasing there are new words to accommodate its use, cyber words.

Rules on Netiquette.

  • Take Another Look Before You Send a Message. Reread and reconsider the whole message when you return to it, possibly from the recipient's perspective.
  • Avoid offensive comments. Anything obscene, libellous, offensive or racist does not belong in a company email, even as a joke.
  • Do Not Spam. It is proper netiquette to refrain from sending unsolicited messages through the internet or responding to them.
  • Don't expect an answer right away. Email messages may be delivered quickly, but your recipient may not read it right away.
  • Do not give out personal information. This is a safety precaution. You could end up getting hurt.
  • Keep your message cool. Email messages can easily be misinterpreted because we don't have the tone of voice or body language to gives us further cues.
  • Include the message thread. Keep the original message for a record of your conversation.
  • Don't type in all CAPS. It's perceived as YELLING. However, don't write with only small letters, as this is perceived as your being lazy, because it makes it more difficult for people to read.

Everyone could use a little netiquette!

Some common questions on netiquette.

Who created Netiquette? David Chiles, created the definition of netiquette for this site that is the most widely used definition in the world. Is netiquette the same as digital etiquette? Netiquette is a form of digital etiquette because it is derived from the words network and etiquette. Are the Rules of Netiquette Law? Netiquette is social not legal. It is good netiquette to follow the law.

Internet users are human beings, so netiquette is human.