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Weekly Update - 7/4 to 7/8

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Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

Summer PD kicked off the week of June 20 and things are going well! We were at Oakland Schools on June 21-22, Muskegon ISD on June 22-23, and Clinton County RESA on June 29-30! The sessions went well and we await feedback from participants about their experiences.

We kicked off the sessions with EduPaths Minute-to-Win-It challenges, and moved into a series of mini-clinics through the rest of the day. The mini-clinics highlight the major components of EduPaths course development and walk participants through to successful completion in Storyboarding, Scripting and Recording. Participants can self-select the sessions they need - some need little direction, others need a lot of support. Work time was also provided during the 2 day session which allowed participants to collaborate and focus on their own projects. Feedback from one participant - "Work time built in was wonderful (and necessary), particularly with all of you there to answer our questions on the spot! :) Thanks for all of your support!"

Courses are coming in from participants in our earliest sessions. Solid work & very interesting content!!

Next week we will be in Alpena and Wayne County. So many good ideas for courses are on the docket for development at these sites, and we look forward working with participants as they use the process to complete their projects.

Updated Stats for Users on EduPaths and Twitter Followers

The number of EduPaths users continues to increase. EduPaths users - 2,677 (up from 2,610) as of today - Tuesday, July 5; Twitter followers increase daily - currently at 313.

EduPaths onsite PDs. So many good ideas and a lot of hard work - with fun sprinkled throughout! Thanks to all host sites and to Ambassador support!!

Where Have We Been?

  • Week of June 20
  • Danielle was in and out of the office with meetings & planning for ISTE
  • Kim, Jake, Molly & Ron were at Oakland on Day 1
  • Kim & Ron finished Day 2 at Oakland; Jake & Molly traveled to Muskegon for Days 1 & 2
  • Week of June 27
  • Danielle represented EduPaths at the ISTE Conference
  • Kim, Molly & Ron were at the Clinton County RESA for EduPaths PD for Days 1 & 2
  • Jake was in Traverse City for the EdCon Conference
  • Week of July 4
  • Danielle is camping with her family
  • Jake is in Tennessee & back in the office Wednesday
  • Kim & Molly are in the office all week

To provide a short update of the things we are currently working on

  • Summer PD Flyer - Continue to reach out to the host ISDs to promote the trainings at their site. Use this to recruit and invite educators in your region!!
  • Applications are closed at AMA ESD, Wayne RESA and Saginaw ISD.
  • We are establishing a Project Management Work Flow to organize the process for submitted courses & are focusing on refining our reporting processes to prevent duplication of effort
  • Summer PD Contracts/Letter of Agreement - CLICK HERE
  • All applicants have been contacted about summer PD, have been enrolled in EduPaths Course Creation online course, and many are working through
  • We are starting the review process of courses being submitted from the Oakland and Muskegon trainings. Very exciting to see them begin trickling in!!
  • Our NEW EduPaths eNewsletter is gaining viewers - this is going out today. EduPaths eNewsletter #3 received over 2,000 views! Way to go Ambassadors!!!
  • Still working on statewide conference sites to host booths
  • Our evening Twitter Chats are postponed for the next few weeks. We should be able to establish our new schedule this week.

Applications Submitted for Summer PD

  • KRESA - 27
  • Clinton County RESA - 24 - APPLICATIONS CLOSED
  • Oakland Schools - 21 - APPLICATIONS CLOSED
  • TBISD - 20
  • Marquette-Alger RESA - 7
  • EUP ISD - 4

We have capacity for 40 participants per site! Looking forward to filling up all sessions! We are seeing a lot of movement between sites as the summer progresses. Flexible summer!

Resources for Ambassadors

Ambassador REMINDERS

  • As you have worked through your districts and shared EduPaths, what are you hearing from the field? Share your stories about how things are going with educators in your region!l
  • Some have asked how our Ambassadors are sharing EduPaths in their region - Share your strategies for getting EduPaths in front of educators in your area! Will publish in future updates.

Things we are still working on (our ongoing short-list)...

  • Working through appropriate language for DPPD for our documentation for districts to use - we have developed a preliminary "final" HELP document. There are EduPaths site programming that will need to happen to make this operational.
  • NEW a way to display # of SCECHs for new users on the Course Description page
  • STILL adding curriculum standards to the site - Ken is working on a different way to import standards without manually adding them one by one!

Summer fun; Something's begun; Can't wait to see you onsite!

Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, Molly Bruzewski, and Ron Madison

Twitter Chat - Will be Tweeting again ... TBA

During our PD sessions, we will be Tweeting LIVE. Follow us June 11 & 12 as we will Tweet from Alpena (AMA) ESD & Wayne RESA! Follow #EduPaths

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