Ann Reinking

Dance final


Actress, dancer, and choreographer


~ Took lead in A chorus line (1976) Chicago (1977) and Sweet Charity (1986)

~ Appeared in film such as Annie, Micki+Maude, and All that Jazz

~ Founded the Broadway theatre project

-a Florida training program connecting students with seasoned theater professionals

~ In 1998 she co-created, co-directed, and co-choreographed the revue Fosse, receiving a Tony Award co-nomination for best direction of a musical

Before and now

Born on November 10, 1949 in Seattle, Washington. Grew up in California with 7 siblings and when she turned 10 moved back to Seattle and began ballet. Throughout grade school she danced at San Fransico Ballet. When she was 17 and a senior, she moved to New York and graduated. Later on she had a love affair with her dance partner Bob Fosse for 6 years. She then got married to Larry Small ending in divorce 1982-1989. Next marriage she bore a child, Chistopher Reinking Stuart, with James Stuart from 1989-1991 when the marriage came to another divorce. Than she got married to Peter Talbert and moved to Arizona in 1991.