Why are zebras striped

Zebras are striped because it helps them blend in with stuff.And when it is being chaste by

a predator like a type of cat or dog. And when it is being chaste by a horse fly the horse fly

has a disease but so does a zebra. A zebra will use the disease and it is so powerful it can

kill a horse fly and it comes from the stripes on a zebra!!!!!!!!

Where do zebras live..........

Some zebras live in Africa and scientist have discovered that zebras live in

southern Africa and south Africa..........

Why are zebras going extinct

zebras are going extinct because.......

of predators like cat family's and dog family's that kill

zebra herds.

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How do zebras hunt there prey??????????????

Zebras do not hunt because they eat in grassy

fields like horses and certain kinds of grass.

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