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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori: How it has helped businesses

SAP Fiori is the ultimate SAP UX (user experience) backed by modern design principles. This latest technology is being increasingly used by diverse SAP solutions to offer responsive, uncomplicated and personalized user experience. Businesses that have employed this technological offering from SAP, have admitted that their operational efficiency has improved after embracing this particular technology.

We will discover more about the aforementioned benefits in the course of this post but not before delving further in to the fundamentals of SAP Fiori. So, let us explore more in this regard.

What are the fundamentals of SAP Fiori that one should know about?

One of the most notable benefits of SAP Fiori is that it follows a consistent design language and also employs a common technical infrastructure, which has simplified end-to-end user experience. Backed by highly interactive and responsive UI elements, SAP Fiori UX has seamlessly integrated business functionalities across a number of devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops.

How have the features of SAP Fiori contributed to simplified user experience?

The SAP Fiori launchpad acts as the unified platform to search all business apps and objects. It’s the central hub for all apps whereby you can access apps through tiles. One can virtually perform a plethora of functions here including personalization, navigation, search and single sign-on. You can explore the OData services of SAP Fiori in order to use the most recent version of your backend data. Previously defined authorizations and roles are used to specify which apps the users can access.

When it comes to user experience, a look at the features mentioned below will help you understand why SAP Fiori is touted as the ultimate SAP UX till date. Apps that employ this particular technology are geared towards facilitating the most critical and oft-used activities performed by users. This technology can very easily be described as supportive, role-based and coherent:

· Supportive: because it responds well to your needs – no matter where or when you are working

· Role-based or functional: because it is crafted in compliance with your needs and to compliment the way you work

· Coherent: Because it offers an integrated experience

We have already told you that businesses have voiced their instantaneous approval for SAP Fiori. They have admitted that they have noticed marked changes in their operational efficiency. Since the technology is very easy to use it has worked not only in terms of minimizing human errors but also in terms of increasing productivity.

Do it right

Make sure you are educating yourself more about the nuances of SAP Fiori so that it becomes easier for you to judge its usability for your business. You cannot really go on to install it without asking people (around) about their experience with this technology.

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