The Coaches Lab

Build Your Confidence to Build Your Business

The Keys to Bring Structure and Focus to Your Coaching Business

Does this sound familiar to you?

You’ve completed a coach training and are eager to coach...and then the realization hit... that to find clients, you need to build your business... which includes “selling” your services....Ugh!

Maybe you're thinking: "Oh no! I'm probably not the type of person who can build their own coaching business"...

You might also be thinking...

I wish this whole process could be easy…

That I could actually enjoy the business of coaching...

That I had a great flow with my marketing…..

That someone could give me just what I need to know…

That I had other people to bounce ideas off of, get feedback from...

With the many books, programs, blogs posts and videos out there, the accessibility to a vast amount of information can make you feel confused and overwhelmed. You may find yourself skipping from one thing to another and lacking the structure and goal setting that you had through your coach training experience.

It may feel very lonely and you may feel lost…

We truly understand. We felt the same way when we started our own coaching businesses. We would like to share with you a little secret. While working with coaches, after they completed training, we have noticed that many of them have some tools or ideas to build their business, but they are unsure of what would truly work for them. Add to that a bunch of self doubt, fear and uncertainty and you have wavering confidence, which often leads to stagnation.

Enter The Coaches Lab, a face-to-face group program to help coaches boost their confidence, energy and stream to build their business.

We call it The Coaches Lab because it is a safe space allowing coaches to experiment so each will find their unique direction and system for success.

In The Coaches Lab you will...

  1. Gain awareness of and shift YOUR business mindset
  2. Build your confidence as a business owner (tackle your fears and doubts)
  3. Create YOUR structure for your work day
  4. Understand yourself, your business and yourself as a business owner
  5. Create a strong marketing and client attraction system that is all yours. Learn from each experiment what works best with your personality and style
  6. Get support from your fellow program participants as you share this journey and support them as well.

You will leave The Coaches Lab with…

  1. Confidence to choose your best strategies to get noticed by your ideal clients
  2. Reduced stress around the whole experience of marketing and client attraction
  3. A sense of calm now that you know what to do
  4. More focus toward the right activities so you are using your time well
  5. A feeling of relief, knowing you CAN do this, and do it in a way that fits your personality/style!
  6. Peace of mind, knowing you’ve “got this”

In The Coaches Lab we promise to bring back what you loved about your coach training and more:

  1. GOAL SETTING - Setting goals that take your personal keys to success into account
  2. STRUCTURE - Designing a structured learning environment with a safe space to grow and get support from fellow participants
  3. PERSONAL GROWTH - Better understanding of the tools and resources you can use
  4. FEEDBACK - Providing honest and straightforward feedback, guidance, and our full presence, commitment, and support
  5. CHALLENGE - Creating an environment with tools and resources that have you stretching out of your comfort zone to find the systems and methods that will grow you and your business.
  6. EXPERIMENT IN REAL LIFE SITUATIONS - Challenging you to experiment with the tools you have learned (in this program and outside of it) in the real world.
  7. SUPPORT - Acknowledging how you may be feeling about building your business and tap into the mindset that will have you taking the right action
  8. MENTORING - Sharing (as business mentors) our own experience (including our own vulnerability, fears and experience building our businesses), opinions, ideas and strategies that we have used to be successful.

Yes, you will need to put work and sweat into this program

What you will get out of this program will depend on how much work you are willing to put into your vision and goals to create your business. You must be willing to feel uncomfortable and experiment with some things that may be harder than anything you have ever experienced. You may even want to quit, but this is when we will remind you why you chose to sign up to this program.

Are you ready to let go of feeling: lonely, empty, confused, and overwhelmed as you build your coaching business?

We would love to have you on board!

Contact us at to enroll.


Full Fee - $297 for each One Day Program

Raleigh Coaching Academy Students - $272

Three Keys

We have the right program for you - we offer 1, 2, 3 Keys

1 day programs with 2 experienced coaches and 3 levels (keys) to choose from.

Choose a Key that fits your needs

Each Key is a one-day program from 9:30 - 4:30 p.m. in Raleigh



Who its for?

Coaches who want to launch their business but not sure where to start

What you learn?

Which thoughts and limiting beliefs keep you from building your business and the tools to shift to your personal business building mindset

What you leave with?

  • Confidence to be visible with no excuses
  • PROfessional mindset
  • Marketing message that feels right and sounds strong



Who its for?

Coaches who are taking a lot of action but are not seeing the expected results and not sure what is missing. They are working hard without the outcomes they crave.

What you learn?

Dive deeply into understanding your client’s needs, wants, and pain points bringing more ease to your marketing/money intentions and conversations.

What you leave with?

  • Personal Marketing System that “fits” you and your niche
  • Strong Money mind set
  • Client attraction strategy that feels easier



Who its for?

Coaches who have started their business and may be doing well, yet they know it could be better/easier but they can't find their flow.

What you learn?

Build your stream as you create strong systems and flow with your unique system.

What you leave with?

  • A personalized blueprint to build and sustain momentum to best use with your business


Friday, Jan. 29th 2016 at 9:30am-4:30pm

19 W Hargett St

Raleigh, NC



Coaches who want to launch their business but not sure where to start



The thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep you from building your business and the tools to shift to your Personal Business Building Mindset

You leave with

Confidence to be visible with no excuses

Pro mindset

Marketing message that feels right and sounds strong


Two 30-minute coaching sessions, one with each program leader, for even more personalized attention


Access to an online portal with materials, worksheets and exercises

FEE (for one full day program including all materials):

BOOST YOUR ENERGY & BOOST YOUR STREAM - schedule of dates coming soon

How do I know The Coaches Lab is right for me?

Do you want to…

  • End the confusion of what strategies to use to build your business?
  • Attract clients authentically your way?
  • Create your personal success blueprint, a system that fits you?
  • Avoid the struggle of wading through too much information?
  • Reduce your self-doubt and market with greater ease?
  • Find your unique keys to personal success?
  • Go into a client pitch prepared and feeling confident?
  • Be in a supportive and collaborative environment with a small group of coaches?

If you answered YES to most of these, this program is for you!

Still not sure?

Contact us at to discuss which KEY is best for you

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Are you ready to let go of feeling: lonely, empty, confused, and overwhelmed as you build your coaching business?

We would love to have you on board!

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The Coaches Lab Build Your Confidence to Build Your Business