The Leader in Me

Guiding children as they find the leader inside themselves..

The Program Begins...

Meadowbrook Elementary School is beginning to implement a new program this school year that will not only change the exterior of our building, but will more importantly internally change the lives of our students. The Leader in Me program teaches students seven habits that will help them become highly effective leaders and students in their community.
7 Habits of Happy Kids Song - There's A Leader In Me

Our First Three Habits ...

Moving Forward...

As our school begins to implement this new program, we are completing extensive training and school renovations that are ensuring that all students are able to learn in an ideal environment with knowledgeable staff. Although these steps are incredibly important, they are rather expensive and are proving to be difficult to fund. Please be on the lookout for fundraising opportunities that will help raise money for this very important cause.

Parents' Night Out!

One of our biggest fundraising opportunities thus far will be held on Friday, December 4. Following afternoon dismissal, the staff of Meadowbrook will be providing childcare that includes food and activities, giving parents an opportunity to complete their Christmas shopping. The charge for childcare is $20 for the evening.